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What would you do?

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Right!! Here is the bottom line, we are taking Minnie and Milo to the rescue centre where we got them from. This is just for the weekend, as we have to travel somewhere. That in itself is no problem as they have both stayed there before. This time though, Jo who runs the centre warned us that our late Ambers sister is going to be there, as she is waiting to be re-homed. I know that this will upset us both probably as she is a double. we are due to move house in the next few weeks, our landlady said it was fine when we told her we had two cats to bring with us. I dont know the outcome of this just yet, but I know what will be running through our minds.
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Three cats is no more trouble than two cats
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I say go for it! I have 3, and my cat family never really feels complete if I dont have 3! I dont know why it is, just u gotta have at least 3!! And she needs to be rehomed... thats sad... Well good luck with whatever you decide to do!!
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Get the other Cat. I have 4.
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11 here. Need I say more?
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I have three kits, it's great fun
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It would be great if you could take the other kitty as well. She would never replace Amber, but it would be saving a kitty and adding more fun to the household. If you had 3 before, you could have 3 again. It is always a good thing to rescue, but only you know what is right for you. Best of luck in whatever you decide, and have a nice, safe trip.
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Wouldn't the rescue check to make sure it is okay with your landlord if you rent before letting you take kitty kitty? Have a nice trip!
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