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Way too cute!

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I was cuddling my 2 week 2 day old kittens today and couldn't help but take pictures even though I took some yesterday. Guava and Clementine have a little bit of an eye infection so don't mind their gooey eyes. It's mostly the medicine.
Green bean is going to be a beautiful cat.

So far this is her reaction to dogs...

Guava is so cute I just want to squeeze him!

Yawn awww

Peanut is so precious

Little Clementine


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A few group shots...
Peanut and Pumpkin

Guava, Clementine and Green bean

Guava and Clementine
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Aw, totally cute. Love the dog's expression sniffing the cat. They're going to grow up being sooo beautiful! Makes me miss when my cats were kittens.
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Originally Posted by Lindsey88 View Post
Yawn awww
Look at those itty bitty teeth! :I'm melting:
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They are all so sweet!
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So Cute!!!
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Don't you just LOVE that toothless yawn????
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They are so cute!!!! Absolutely adorable!!!!
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What cute pictures. Love the yawn. You must be having so much fun with them.
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Total Cute Overload Meltdown! Should have a CO warning ... LOL!

Love them all, so tiny, so sweet. I miss my kitten when she was that small. Have fun with them, they all grow up so fast!
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