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Why must he always do this

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Why must Tom always stop moving when I am walking behind him, does he not realize this is how you get kicked/stepped on. He does this every single time and it annoys the crap out of me...especially when I am trying to get to the bathroom.
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maybe he thought that you are stalking him. He stops to reconfirm the situation whether you are hostile or not.

Why don't you try to do a "flying kiss for a cat". When he stop and look at you, give him a blink or a wink. This is to show that you are friendly. It works for my Don

for more info you can google "flying kiss cat"
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My two always do that too and have gotten stepped on or kicked a few times! It drives me crazy as well! Especially since there are two right there.Benji is worse for it tho!
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Peekaboo does this also! It's so annoying!!!! Even if I start out walking beside or in front of him, he will get in front of me and slow down and eventually stop. When I try to go around him he just gets in front of me again.

He tries to anticipate where I am going sometimes too. He'll run off to the doors I usually go in most often and wait for me, and if I'm not going there he'll get confused and walk around looking for me. I think it's just his way of being an annoying little kiddo. xD
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What I hate is when I do step on Rocko and he doesn't even blink..... What is that about? But he is learning that he doesn't have to get under my feet to get my attention and is getting better at hanging back.
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