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Kitty napped pregnant semi-feral

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I just kitty napped my very pregnant semi-ferral. I noticed that she was losing her mucus plug. I put her in the downstairs bathroom, I put in a nice basket with blankets, a litterbox, and food and water. I am think this way she will have her babies inside, so they will be tame, and I can get her spayed. Can you think of anything else I can do for her? To make this as easy as possible
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Wow!! I so want to do this!! No advice, because I haven't done it yet, but someone will come along to help soon, I'm sure! Post pics! And, please give detailed accounts of everything!! (How "feral" is she?)
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Oh, hooray!

I kitty napped Ms Friskers while she was pregnant, as well.

I second the above question: how feral is she? If she's quite feral, I would just leave her alone, mostly, as your presence may just make her nervous. But if she's more of the friendly feral sort, grab a book and settle in with her, and just hang out. Ms Friskers did not want me out of her sight when she was giving birth, and seemed to take a lot of comfort from my petting her and snuggling her while she was at the beginning of labor.
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I can pet her, but she won't allow me to pick her up. She won't let anyone else pet her. I put her in the bathroom downstairs, because it is quiet and out of the way. I just checked on her. she purred when I petted her. I just don't want her to have the kittens, under my nieghbours house. I want to get her spayed. This is a picture of Baby.
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What a gorgoeus girl Baby is! You're doing a wonderful thing for her by helping her through her pregnancy (and getting her spayed afterward!). Judging by the way she lets you pet her you should have no problem being near her/helping her through the pregnancy.
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Good luck with your impending litter! Mom is gorgeous, and hopefully you can turn her into a spoilt house kitty after this...Lol!!
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Oooo, she is LOVELY!

Ms Friskers was exactly the same way when she first came in -- she would let me pet her, but everyone else got bitten, and did NOT tolerate being held or restrained in any way.

After about a month, she had accepted my roommate as another source of petting, and would let me hold her for VERY short periods of time (less than a minute, and then she'd struggle to get down).

Then I mid-catted her labor for her, and she turned into a little love ball around me, and would let me hold her for longer periods of time, pick her up and put her in my lap for petting, and restrain her without biting me (she/the kittens had a cold, so she was getting antibiotic doses right after the kittens were born). She also started tolerating new people and even responded pleasantly to my partner when he visited for the weekend.

Now, other than the once in awhile chomp (no longer breaks the skin), she's pretty much what I'd call a normal cat. I can pick her up and carry her around, I can stuff her in the cat carrier, and she'll tolerate my restraining her without harming me (there's cat introductions going on, so there's been a bit of the restraining...)

So, given where I started, which is about where you started, just take it easy, pet her as much as she likes, and in three months, she'll probably be just slightly on the neurotic side of normal.
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Been there, done that, too!

I had Elsa to the point where I could pick her up when I brought her home, and it sounds like you're doing great with getting her trust. I hope to hear more about her story!
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What a great thing you're doing for Baby! It sounds like things are going great; keep us updated
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