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Why does she do this?

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Hi All,

My cat lately has been moving her food & water. She used to do this until I changed her bowls to heavier ones, but now she managed to start again, and further than before. She pulls the bowls halfway across the kitchen, and spills water everywhere...I must have the cleanest kitchen now cause I end up moping it 3 times a day.

Just wondering why she'd do this? At first I thought that maybe her bowls were dirty, so I washd them. The rubber mat that they sit on was dirty, I replaced it. I change her water 3 times a day (not like I have a choice....)...there has to be some stressor of some kind in her life. I try to play with her, but when I do, she either bites me, scratches me, or hogs the toy...starting to go nuts here. Thanks
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I would assume shes "grooming" you, just as you "groom" her by stroking !

.... unless you taste nice
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Does she drink? Does she just pull her water bowl or both? I know my Bugsy used to push his bowl around but only becasue he didnt like the water just sitting there. Once i got a catit fountain that stopped.

Other then that i have no clue LOL. Cats are very odd creatures.
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When you figure it out let me know. Charlie does this to Keno's bowls in the kitchen. I used to have them sitting on a towel to catch the water when Keno drank.

Until Charlie decided he wanted the towel and kept pulling it out. Then tried the bowls in an old cookie sheet with a towel - he made more of a mess trying to get it out.

Now the bowls are in a wooden stand with a paper towel under it that gets changed every few days. So far Charlie has decided to leave it alone
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I'll try to change her water more often, but already 3 times a day. cat fountain sounds like a good idea...maybe an autofeeder too. Just got home from work, and she didn't move it....weird!!
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I have a water fountain, but Biscotte, my smallest cat, has decided it belongs in the middle of the kitchen floor and headbutts it around every day, leaving a trail of water. I have put it in the corner, against the wall, by the food, away from the food, wherever it is she moves it. I cannot imagine why, but it is very funny to see her pushing it.
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Paddington is very picky about where I place the water bowls. He is not so bothered by the food dish placement, but if the water bowl is not correct down to the millimeter, he cleans his paws off before pulling the bowl to his desired location. My husband didn't believe me when I told him he was doing this, but then one night after the husband changed the water, Paddington comes running down the stairs to move it. My husband just stood there, laughing.

It is funny, because the other two could care less. I could put their bowls anywhere and they would be happy. Paddington, on the other hand, will only tolerate things his way. I guess I am lucky the other two are so adaptable....

Cats are funny creatures. I grew up with dogs (who are quirky in their own way), so it is fun to see all these, ahem, interesting behaviours!
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Pepper used to push the autofeeder and water fountain around until I put them in the cardboard trays that bottled water comes in. She has pretty much stopped the pushing, but now she stands on top of the autofeeder and eats her dry food upside down. She is an odd little creature.
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