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How do I put a picture on the bottom of the post I do? Thanks Sherral
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Are you refering to your signature?

Click on User CP > Edit Profile > Signature:

In that box type in any words you want, and/or type {img}http://www.mylink.com/kitty.jpg{/img}

Obviously put the link to your online image there, and replace the { and } with [ and ].

Finally click on Submit Modifications at the bottom.
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a picture like you have,your lions.Something that will come up everytime I post.
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I have been want to to do this too. I have got the pictures on imagestation and i found the URL. Its a zillion characters long. how do you cut and paste it?

Thanks angel.
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When your looking at the pic at Imagestation in full screen mode, right click on the pic then choose copy.

When you come back here, then right click to paste it in the signature box (if you want it part of your signature) located in the User CP. Remember to add [ IMG ] Imagestation pic address [ /IMG ] tags.

If you just want to stick a pic into a post, then you can use the IMG button.
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Jaguars dear.

Good luck, hope you get it work. And yes that is your signature were talking about.
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Sorry! Glasses were dirty!
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Sherral, those really WERE spots before your eyes!
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