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RIP baby Memphis - vibes for brother Caesar

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DBF and I lost Memphis yesterday to a lower urinary tract disease. He was a Persian apparently this is the #1 killer in male Persians. His body was rejecting the meds and the only other option was a surgery with a 9% success rate and a lifetime of suffering and infections to follow. DBF really regrets putting him to sleep but we both realize that it was the only way.

We both cried all last night and I have been crying all morning. I don't see how we'll ever feel better but I know we will. Memphis was only 3 years old and is survived by his brother Caesar who is also a Persian, and his step brothers, who are my cats, Sebastian and Amadeus. I know they won't miss him because they weren't yet living with him but we are a little worried about Caesar. We are just trying to love on him a lot and cuddle him. Hopefully he won't get depressed. He is always loving and affectionate so right now we can't tell a difference in his behavior.

How do you deal with this?? How do you control the emotions and the feelings when you think about all of the little cute things your furry babies did that made them special? It just sucks a whole lot, we are going to bury him after work today.

It is really reassuring to see this forum and know that lots of people are going through the same thing and feeling the same feelings.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Memphis
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Memphis

Also sending for Caesar
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I'm so very sorry about your loss.

Rest in peace, sweet Memphis
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sorry too hear about your loss. i lost my buddy of 15 years over a month ago.I still get teary eyed thinking of him and looking at pictures I too cried all day and night when I had to have him put down. I am sure you will both feel better in time,but it hurts. I so know that pain.
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I lost Frisky to Male Blockage when he was 1.5 years old and know how you feel. I also had to have 2 Cats Pts in the last 6 Months. Stormy Dec 5th because her Kidneys were gone and she might have had Cancer in her Kidneys.Then on Jan 11 Yoshi was Pts from maybe Fip and Kidneys Stones. So sorry about your Cat. If you need to talk just Pm me. I have 4 of my Cats Ashes here.
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Thank you so much for all of your kind words.

We are going to bury him this afternoon in our friends' backyard, I don't want to go through with it but I know it will help heal us. I can't stop crying today... but I know that it'll get better.

Thanks again.
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What a shame, your boy was so young.

We also buried our little guy in our yard. It was where Louie loved to take walks with us and it felt right that he should be in a place where he'd been happy.

I wish I had good advice about how to get through this day, which will be tough for you. Unfortunately, the days that follow will be tougher - at least for awhile. It gets easier to bear, but not because you'll miss your boy any less. He'll always be in your heart - he was an important and dear part of your life. At times you'll wish you could "fast forward" the healing process because grieving is hard work. Focusing as you are on Caesar, to make sure he's ok now that his brother is gone, will help you both.

Memphis passed away too young, but he had a great quality of life, if not a long one. To have a loving family and a happy life, no matter how long, is the best thing a kitty could wish for. He had that with you.
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I'm so sorry hear about Memphis. I believe our furbabies never really leave us. It takes a long time but eventually you start remembering with some happiness along with the sadness. Don't let anyone tell you how long you are supposed to mourn... Sending good vibes for Caesar and you both.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Memphis! And sending prayers and vibes that Ceasar stays healthy
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