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Why does she lick us?

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Ok, Sox is obsessed with licking me and DH. She does it constantly! It's cute at first but then it gets annoying when she does it so much it hurts because of that little rough tounge! I will be laying in bed and she will come up and lay next to me and start licking my arm and I push her away 'cause I don't like the way it feels but she just keeps scooting back over to lick. Or when I get out of the shower, she of course is there because she is everywhere I go, and starts to lick my legs! Or she gets on the sink and demands I pick her up and she will put her paws around my neck and lick me! It's like she cannot get enough! She does it to both of us. She is so obsessed! What makes a cat want to lick you?
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I would assume she is "grooming" you ... same as you "groom" her - by stroking !
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she does it because she loves you
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Demetri is a licker, not just me but anyone who walks through the door whether he knows them or not gets a thourough cleaning
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Yeah my Eek does that too! It gets annoying when there touges get dry and hurt! Eek starts at my fingers and works his way up my whole arm, and one time he tried to lick my arm pit and that was the end of that grooming session! I think he does it because he thinks Im his mommy! Or because he loves me or something like that!
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My cat licks my boyfriend and I constantly. Her favourite time is when we get out of the shower and I guess we still have water droplets on us to lick off..

I don't know what it means, but it certainly seems like she's trying to groom us (sometimes she bites the way a cat bites their fur to get the chunks out) and I take it as a loving gesture.
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I agree that she is petting you. When you have had enough, do to her what cats do when they don't want you to pet them anymore. Move away from her, and if she persists, quickly but gently grab her with your claws slightly extended - enough for a warning but not enough to hurt. I'm serious.
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Bakker has been doing this since we got him. Whats really funny is when someone (usually a male) sits on the sofa by his spot-the head gets a good grooming!!
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My cats love to groom us. The devons are particularly adamant about it. My Bonnie will start at the fingertips and work her way up. I have always felt its their way of showing their love and even though hubby doesn't always believe me, I almost know it to be true....why else would they want to do it?? I can't imagine we taste all that great...but on the other hand, not as bad as cleaning their privates LOLOL
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Yeah, I like to assume it's because she loves us! She normally purring when she does it so
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One of our cats obsessively lick me, but not my wife. I figure it's love and affection, plus my arms are hairy, plus i was thinking it may be salt in the skin(?). when we got her she was very skittish, possibly abused and i was around during the day, so she got used to me first
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