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New internet service.

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I got a new internet servicer,anyone ever hear of Road Runner?Or is it only around here? Anyway I got it today,no more tied up phone lines! My family loves that! It is a cable modem.If anyone wants the new e-mail just PM me. Thanks Sherral
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I don't have Roadrunner, but I do have a cable modem, and I LOVE it!
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I have only had it acouple of hours,I have noitced it is mush faster!
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Meep meep!
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I am so jealous! I used to have cable internet, aint it great! now im at 28k. You cant get much slower than that.
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We use Road Runner at home.....

This service has been out for a few years.....
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Road Runner is a pretty big services, suppose to be on of the better ones actually! My friends in NC love it!

I currently have Adelphia cable at my new location, it is one of the worst BB providers, and it's certainly no good here! They have actually gone bankrupt, I HOPE TW and RR buy them out. Even if that means AOhell would be envolved.
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all I know is that Road Runner isn't so great in the newsgroup department, but then again, most ISP's aren't. and most people don't know what newsgroups are, much less use them regularly (Hey, I may be young, but I got Internet almost 10 years ago, and BBS's way before that!)
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I actually have Adelphia cable too... I had no idea they had service in Maryland. But I can't complain about mine... I have practically no downtime (I can't even remember the last time it had issues), and it's FAST. It could be the node I'm on though... I'm betting this area isn't filled with bunches of people on cable modems.
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I live in a real small town,it takes a long time to get new things here!
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jg: Yeah Adelphia is based in PA so they make the best service for those local customers of course! lol

Yeah it's horrible here, and in Virginia, lots of place. I also had it up in Maine, it was "ok" there decent constant speeds, BUT it went down for about 6 hours every week.
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Having had a computer, just over a year, I've always been on a cable modem. Before this, I used my parents' computer, some and this is much faster than their DSL.
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AngelzOO, if I were you, I'd be on the phone with them letting them know exactly what I thought if my net access was down 6 hours a week. In my second or third month of having my cable modem, I did have problems... I was getting speeds at about a 36.6 modem. So a call was placed to the company... actually both I, and a friend of mine called for me because I kept getting some unintelligent help from their end. Anyway, by the end of the phonecall, my cable modem was free of charge until their new T3 went in (too many ppl, too little bandwith). So for 3 months, I had a slow, but FREE cable modem. It did suck, but it ended, and then the speed picked up to what it was supposed to be. I'd call and tell them how bad your uptime is and request some sort of compensation for it.
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I just got road runner too! When the tech came to install it, my computer crashed!
But now that our computer is back to normal, I love this internet connection! It beat dial up hands down! I would recommend RR to anyone who was considering changing connections.

Isn't it wonderful that you don't have to wait for downloads? When I had dial up, it would take 20 minutes to download one song...now it take 45 seconds MAX! It was a bit more costly compared to the other, but it is well worth the extra expense!
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i loveeee my cable modem!! i don;t know how i lived with out it!
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