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Ooopppsss. You already wrote the answer!
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
no....well I guess paid for sex is close enough...........the answer was ...

using sex to pay for something else...
as a barter...
Hey we're pretty sure the lady across the street does this!
No lie haha, she has no "real" job and no known source of legal income but she has a house and car and supports 3 kids, plus satellite tv and there are always different men going in and out of her house (then they show up again in the day time and like cut her lawn and fix stuff haha) and she's always going out all gussied up lol

She's always the gossip of the street... wow this all sounds so bad
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I've wondered if one of my friends does that. She works but doesn't make that much money and she's always buying expensive stuff. She goes out to the bars a lot too.
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OH YEAH! AAAaaannnddd this lady was supposed to lose her house in a sheriff's sale and then magically she was "dating" a judge.... I keep telling my mom we gotta find a way to get an undercover cop in on the deal over there... I mean a lot of times her 2 young boys (the oldest is like 20 and doesn't live there - always in trouble with the law too, the other 2 are like 7 and 4 maybe) are in the house when these men come at night...
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