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What a job.....BRAVE.
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Guess that CNN isn't leaving, after all. Wolf Blitzer is still on the air.

Looks as though the bombing has stopped, for now. The Iraqi military has to be in total disarray, though. Communications, command and control facilities just aren't there, any more.
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That vidio of the bombing of Baghdad this noon is awesome. My jaw droped when i saw it. I was shocked. And we all saw it live vidio streem. Isent that incredible? It truly is a small world when we can watch whats happening on the other side of the planet.
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US, Britain race into Iraq, see war over soon
22 March 2003

SOUTHERN IRAQ: US and British officers predicted a swift victory overnight (NZT) after American armoured columns raced deep into Iraq and British marines seized vital oil facilities in the south.

With Iraq putting up only sporadic resistance, the United States said it hoped to achieve its war goal of toppling President Saddam Hussein without bringing all its firepower to bear.

Iraq ridiculed the claims of early successes and said the invaders would not leave the country alive. Victory was guaranteed for Iraq, Interior Minister Mahmoud Diyab al-Ahmed told a news conference as he brandished an assault rifle.

Reuters correspondent Luke Baker, with the US 3rd Infantry Division, had advanced at least 150km into Iraq from Kuwait by early yesterday, speeding north towards Baghdad, after the land war began on Thursday night (NZT).

British commandos, in a seaborne assault, captured the Faw peninsula on Iraq's southern tip and took control of key oil installations.

US Marines met tougher resistance at the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr, on the Kuwaiti border, Britain said.

The Marines, operating as part of a British-led force raised the Stars and Stripes over the new port area but were still fighting to secure the whole town.

Hundreds of Iraqis surrendered. Some were killed.

Eight Britons and four Americans also died in a helicopter crash in Kuwait - the invading forces' first casualties of the war. One US Marine was reported killed in combat.

US military vehicles rolled across the desert, passing oil fields where Reuters reporter Sean Maguire said he saw towering flames and smoke. British Defence Minister Geoff Hoon said Iraqi troops had set up to 30 oil wells ablaze.

"There was no gunfire. They had a clear path," Maguire said of the long column of military vehicles from the 1st Marine Regiment with which he was travelling. He passed the wrecks of Soviet-made Iraqi tanks destroyed in the 1991 Gulf War.

However correspondent Adrian Croft, attached to a different US Marine unit, said it was pinned down for two hours just inside Iraq by anti-tank missiles and small arms fire. It advanced again after calling in British artillery support.

Live television footage showed US tank units ploughing across the sand with no sign of Iraqi forces, in what appeared to be a flanking move across the western desert, bypassing the cities of the Tigris and Euphrates valleys.

A top US commander predicted a swift victory.

"We're into this now, we're going to win it and we're going to win it fast," Rear Admiral John Kelly, commander of the USS Abraham Lincoln battle group, said.

A British spokesman, Group Captain Al Lockwood, asked when invading troops would be in the Iraqi capital, told reporters: "If I were a betting man, which I'm not - hopefully in the next three or four days."

At a Baghdad news conference, Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf declared the invasion would fail.

"We will not let them leave the swamp they have entered. They will meet their fate," he said.

Baghdad was quiet yesterday, the Muslim holy day, after a second volley of US and British cruise missiles rained down overnight following the opening raid last morning.

One of the targets struck by the missile salvo was Saddam's vast Baghdad palace complex on the banks of the Tigris River. Another housed an office of Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz.

The ruins of a compound used by Saddam's younger son and heir apparent Qusay was still smouldering after 24 hours. Sahaf said Saddam and his family were safe, dismissing speculation in the West they might have died in the attack.

In Washington, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the United States still hoped a full-scale war could be averted to oust Saddam and destroy suspected weapons of mass destruction.

"Pressure is continuing on the Iraqi regime," Rumsfeld said, saying Washington hoped it would fall "without the full force and fury of a war".

The widespread opposition to the war around the world showed no sign of abating. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had sought with French and German leaders to stop the conflict, called it a "potential source of instability for other regions".

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Australia, Egypt and Yemen following major protests in several countries on Thursday.

The invasion marked the first use of a new US strategic doctrine of pre-emptively attacking any country seen to pose a threat. Washington says Iraq has chemical and biological weapons and could give them to terrorist groups. Iraq denies this.

The British assault on Faw by Royal Marine commandos began before dawn with an airborne and amphibious assault on the coast to secure Iraq's main oil pipeline terminals.

Scores of Iraqis had surrendered.

"There's guys popping up all over the place," Colonel Steve Cox, commander of the landing force, told Reuters correspondent Peter Graff on the aircraft carrier Ark Royal.

Television footage showed demoralised Iraqis in civilian clothes, apparently troops, surrendering to British commandos on a road. A British commander said at least 250 others had surrendered to US Marines.

At Umm Qasr, Hoon said Iraq was putting up "stern resistance".

"The Iraqis are not simply giving up in the way that some commentators have suggested that they would, and our forces are fighting," he told British television.

British forces said their aim was to capture the port of Basra, Iraq's second city, to open it to aid supplies.

In northern Iraq, a reporter for Qatar's al-Jazeera television said the city of Mosul had been rocked by explosions, but there was no immediate confirmation of a BBC report that US special forces may have secured oil fields at Kirkuk.

In a further setback for US plans to enter northern Iraq, the use of Turkish airspace by US planes, although approved by the Ankara parliament, remained held up by disagreement over the terms of the deal, Turkish foreign ministry sources said.

how long do you think it will be before its over?
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Gen. Schwartzkopf said that HE was awed and I don't think that he's type of man, who is easily awed.
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I must say I learn a lot from you people about the spirit of Americans - and the inside dillemas and struggles.
It must be pretty tough when some people are so against this war. I can't say I don't understand them, war is never something to look forward too. I hope they will feel better to know how wonderful and brave those soldiers are, and how they truely believe that this is the right thing to do.

The world is lucky to have a strong country like America that takes brave measures against a dangerous terrorist like Saddam Hussein. It was a very hard decisioun to make - going to war, and I understand the mixed feelings everyone has.

I have lived in a coutry that has struggled for its life - for as long as its existed, and Iraq was always one of the biggest threats. I mean, what can you do against a nuclear bomb? And what do you do when missiles arrive from far away and fall on your house?:paranoid2 It happened once, and if America hadn't taken action - I believe it would happen again, and not just in Israel.
There is nothing worst that a coward dictator that has no respect to human lives, but his own. He even uses his own people as human shields!!! this is a monster :evilalien .

But I can't help feeling that this war is scary and will take too many innocent lives. So what is the right thing to do? I guess nobody really knows.

Im glad to be here, listening to mature voices like yours. It seems like you people are going through really rough days. Stay strong and united, thats the only way for the good to win!

My heart goes out to those who are there, in the middle of the fire and arms. I hope the civilians got out alright, before it all started.

My love to all American and British, and Israeli soldiers. I have many friends that were drafted to the army on the last minute. If Bush would only let us, we would fight side by side with you!

You guys - stay strong, soon these soldiers will come back home to you!


p.s. - please forgive me if I have spelling mistakes... English isnt my first language... And thank you for your warm welcome!
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nunny thank you for your uplifting words during such a dark time. I am so glad that you not only have joined us, but that you also found your voice and are using it to post here.
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Thank you KatieKat. I think we Americans need to hear that right now.I know i have been feeling kinda crummy about the whole thing. Its great to hear of some of the good that is happening.
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katie....thank you for your words.....

I have goosebumps thinking of what is going on... my heart goes out to you and everyone.

Beautiful posts.......
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They've released the names of two of the Marines killed - a corporal and a captain. I hope their families are OK.

Did you see the video, from Safwan? The reactions of those people, when the Saddam poster was torn down, were priceless! This should help prove that we don't have a beef with the Iraqi people.

I saw the Iraqi ambassador to the UN, on TV. Nothing that he said made sense. He was complaining abou the UN pulling out of Iraq and the oil-for-food program stopping. Food is being shipped to Iraq, despite the war.

The protesters are saying "Stop now". Are these people THAT stupid? You don't quit, while you're winning. We're expected to take Basra, tonight. The southern oil fields are secure, the Iraqi command is in disarray, soldiers are surrendering in droves and the Iraqi people getting humanitarian aid. We'd be crazy, not to keep the momentum going.
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I find it ironic that people protesting a war become violent.

I saw the video of the soldier and the Iraqi ripping down the poster of Saddam. At first, the Iraqi had an expression disbelief of his own actions, then he really got into it.

Nunny,, glad you're here. I hope you and your family are safe and stay safe. By the way, your English is very good!
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Here's something a friend of mine from Georgia sent me in an email. It's the text of a speech by Georgia's junior senator. I suppose it was in the paper, but I'm not sure which one.

Zell Miller knows how to boil things down to the basics. That's what Georgia's junior senator did Thursday when he explained why it's important that Saddam Hussein be defanged. But he's also a good storyteller. Here's the text of Mr. Miller's remarks, made on the Senate floor about the need to help President Bush deal with Iraq.

"Mr. President, I have signed on as an original co-sponsor of the Iraq resolution, and I'd like to tell you a story about why I think it is the right path to take: A few weeks ago, we were doing some work on my back porch back home, tearing out a section of old stacked rocks, when all of a sudden I uncovered a nest of copperhead snakes. Now, I'm not one to get alarmed at snakes. I know they perform some useful functions, like eating rats. And when I was a young lad, I kept snakes as pets.

I had an indigo snake, a bull snake, a corn snake and many others. I must have had a dozen king snakes at one time or another. They make great pets and you only had to feed them a mouse every 30 days. I read all the books by Raymond C. Ditmars, who was the foremost herpetologist of his day. That's an expert on snakes. For a while, I wanted to be a herpetologist, but the pull of being a big-league shortstop outran that childhood dream. I reminisce this way to explain that snakes don't scare me like they do some people. And I guess the reason is that I know the difference between those that are harmless and those that will kill you. In fact, I bet I may be the only senator in this body who can look at the last three inches of a snake's tail and tell you whether it's poisonous or not. I can also tell the sex of a snake, but that's another story.

A copperhead will kill you. It could kill one of my dogs. It could kill one of my grandchildren. It could kill any of my four great grandchildren. They play all the time where I found these killers. And you know, when I discovered these copperheads, I didn't call my wife, Shirley, and ask her advice, like I do on most things. I didn't yell for help from my neighbors or take it to the city council. I just took a hoe and knocked them in the head and killed them. Dead as a doorknob.

I guess you could call it a unilateral action. Or pre-emptive or even bellicose and reactive. I took their poisonous heads off because they were a threat to me. And they were a threat to my home and my family. They were a threat to all I hold dear.
And isn't that what this is all about?"
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ok, im a little drunk now, but i found it funny that someone was hitting saddams face on that poster with a shoe.
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Kellye, I'm not drunk, and I thought that was hilarious, too.
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I would just like to thank you all for your posts. I have learned so much. When i go to work and talk about the war....I am a much smarter person from listening to all sides. I have learned more from all your posts than hours of listening to FOX or MSN News....You all rock!
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hope the war is over vary soon.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
ok, im a little drunk now, but i found it funny that someone was hitting saddams face on that poster with a shoe.
In the Muslim world, that is a supreme insult. It represents putting someone under your feet. It is, also an insult to turn the bottoms of your feet toward someone.

According to Gen. Franks' briefing, this a.m., the operation is 24 hrs. ahead of schedule. Having a whole division (8,000) soldiers surrender made securing the southern oilfields a lot easier. One Marine said that he felt sorry for those guys "They looked like they were hungry".

One group of Iraqis tried to surrender, to a group of journalists, yesterday. I remember them doing that, in the last Gulf War. Of course, they know that Americans will feed them!
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yeah i saw that about them being hungry - and i just saw that they were sent home - do they mean that they went home to Iraq or are they still there with the americans? im confused.

and what do you mean by ahead by 24 hours?

i just had a nap and i am a little behind.
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The military had a plan, that laid out how long it would take to reach each objective. Since it has taken less time to achieve these objectives, they're running ahead of schedule.

The Iraqi envoy to the UN has accused Kofi Annan of being a "tool of the US and Zionist conspiracy". He's STILL trying to make this out to be a campaign against Islam, rather than a campaign to rid the world of a ruthless madman. He, also takes issue with the notion of the UN administering the oil-for-food program. Just WHO, in Iraq, is capable of doing that, right now?

In all of the video, from Baghdad, I see a large mosque, in the foreground and several times a day, we hear the call to prayer. If this WERE a campaign against Islam, THAT would make a dandy target.
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Thank God those 4 US soldiers in the hummer are alive and only wounded - Wow...I bet that reporter feels bad about reporting that they were dead....not to mention the Pentagon reported it too....I have been feeling bad for the past 3 hours...Now I am relieved...Whew!
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you mean to say that they mistakedly reported that 4 soldiers had died. jeez.
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They sure did....On FoxNews they had one of the reporters from the Pentagon said...over and over, "I repeat, the 4 Soldiers are not dead...they are injured"

Can you believe that? They better re-think the "Reporting Plan", huh?
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yeah they better, those poor families, thinking 'my son/daughter has been killed' and then finding out that they were still alive...man...
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the media pisses me off. they are in such a hurry to scoop everyone that they don't give a $hit if they report inaccurate info. I hate the sensationalized, media circus spin they put on it. It's disrespectful and trivilizes the severity of what is going on. IMHO
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i agree airprincess...
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In a situation, like that, there is bound to be some confusion.

Reports that I have seen have said that some of Saddam's inner circle have made surrender overtures, via e-mail, through third-party countries and hand-carried messages. The rats appear to be deserting the sinking ship.

Another anti-war protest, here yesterday. Some "support the troops" people showed up, too. The anti-war bunch blocked off a major downtown thoroughfare and access to a Federal courthouse. The troop supporters stayed on the sidewalks and were all well-behaved. By their misbehavior, the anti-war bunch aren't winning many friends.

A round-the-clock, candlelight peace vigil is ongoing, at the Islamic Center. They are staying on their own property and praying. The others should take a page from this group's bok.
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It was reported from one of the 700 "on board reporters" within moments of it happening and that he twisted his words, basically...HE FREAKED...

I guess they are going to HAVE to find a better way to confirm these things before the reporters latch on to it.......I just can't believe all of the stories the media posted on the topic inn the last 3 hours...Hell, I believed em'[ - Hope the families didn't have a heart attack...poor things!

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We were watching ABC, last night during a bombardment. That reporter sounded as if he was going to lose it, any minute. He was on the east bank of the Tigris and all of the strikes were on the west. When this is over, he's going to need a loooong vacation!
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and probably some new underpants.
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Can't even imagine what's going through their minds when the witness certain events over there.......They are flirting with death, and all to get the "Full Story" IMO ....I guess that's not to harsh of an analogy, huh? I do appreciate them though....I can't believe what we are allowed to view on our TV's!

BTW - does Bagdad still have electricity?

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