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Nunny, welcome and how wonderful to have you here! I am looking forward to reading your posts. Be safe!
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Hi nunny
I'm mostly trying to stay out of the war threads (I read, just don't post. ), but I noticed you were new, and wanted to welcome you to the site! We have a 'New Cats on the Block' forum you can introduce yourself in.

As for the war... I'm just hoping it ends soon, with as few casualties as possible. I do fear for those who are much closer to the war, such as yourself and our board's owner, Anne (and her family). Let's just hope the war is quick and effective.
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i really don't like war, but we are in a war so I feel we need to show our support. Dh and i were watching the news and they showed protester being drug out by police and stuff. I personally think that the police should be patrolling and making sure nothing funny is going on, not having to worry about protesters. I don't think anyone really wants to be having a war but we are and that is that.
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Some of those people are "professional protesters". They latch onto any radical cause and spend their time traveling from protest to protest. Wonder how they support themselves?

Well, the sun is up and I'm going to put up my flag.
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Some of those people are "professional protesters". They latch onto any radical cause and spend their time traveling from protest to protest. Wonder how they support themselves?
LOL! I saw a reporter last night interviewing one particular moron war protestor...When asked where Iraq was located on the map, this PROTESTOR had no idea...worse yet, when asked who the leader of Iraq was...by golly, she didn't know.

The reporter was stunned because MAJORITY of the protestors he was interviewing didn't have a clue.....(It was a group of students taking advantage of a "excused day off " from school)

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LOL! I saw a reporter last night interviewing one particular moron war protestor...When asked where Iraq was located on the map, this PROTESTOR had no idea...worse yet, when asked who the leader of Iraq was...by golly, she didn't know.
In all fairness, I wonder what would happen if you went out an polled a large, random number of people. Unfortunately, I believe a good number, if not the majority, wouldn't be able to answer these questions either. I watched the first episode of that new reality shoe "All American Girl". They presented as humorous the fact that many of the girls didn't know what two countries bordered the US! And those are our neighboring countries!
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dh said he thinks alot of the people just want to get out of school and work and would protest anything. It's so sad because they are wasting alot of peoples time!
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Is it legal to clean up these protests with a fire hose?

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I am appalled that several schools here are staging protests as a "class project", during school hours. No wonder the kids don't learn how to read and write - their teachers are too busy indoctrinating them with their own liberal political views.

If I still had kids in school, I think that I'd have to scrimp to send them to private schools, where they'd actually learn something useful.
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When people here in the U.S. protest the war they're just considered anit-war demonestrators. When the very same thing happens in a foreign country it's called an anti-American protest. I was wondering if there was an actual difference in people's attitudes or is it just the way the media chooses to present the protest in foreign countries?????

BTW, I am really embarassed by the way some of our leaders make our country look to others.
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That protest where they burned the flag, around midnight, one of the crowd thought it in his best interest to assault a police officer, so he threw acid at the cop!

Thankfully, the policeman had a full riot shield on and the plastic melted and not his face! After that the gloves came off and the cops got into an aggressive line and chased the people away. It took some time but the crowd finally left.

it probably is not legal to turn fire hoses on people. I said that out of frustration and reaction of being a military brat. My father was a medical officer in the Navy for over 30 years. He served WWII,and Korea and brought all of us up to respect the flag, the country and the men and women who fight or have fought for it. in He is going to be a part of the Veteran's History Project and I can't wait to hear his story. It will really be the first time he will have openly talked about what it was like. My mother said that what he saw during those wars changed him forever. So I have strong patriotic pride when it comes to this country and it is not something I will ever be ashamed of.

nunny welcome to the board too! It is nice to have you here with us, and I hope in the days ahead your country and the people within stay safe.
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Eight protesters were arrested, at the Federal Building here yesterday. So far, none of them have been violent.

Why is it that people, who are supposedly demostrating for peace, feel the need to throw rocks, bricks and acid, to make their point? Doesn't seem very peaceful to me and it certainly doesn't help their cause.
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I found this Article online...thought I was interesting enough to share.......I know it's long....(forgive me)

The Hollywood group is at it again. Holding antiwar rallies, screaming about the Bush Administration, running ads in major newspapers, defaming the President and his Cabinet every chance they get, to anyone and everyone who will listen. They publicly defile them and call them names like "stupid," "morons," and "idiots". Jessica Lange went so far as to tell a crowd in Spain that she hates President Bush and is embarrassed to be an American.

So, just how ignorant are these people who are running the country? Let's look at the biographies of these "stupid", "ignorant" , "moronic" leaders, and then at the celebrities who are castigating them:

President George W. Bush:
Received a Bachelors Degree from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He served as an F-102 pilot for the Texas Air National Guard. He began his career in the oil and gas business in Midland in 1975 and worked in the energy industry until 1986. He was elected Governor on November 8, 1994, with 53.5 percent of the vote. In a historic re-election victory, he became the first Texas Governor to be elected to consecutive four-year terms on November 3, 1998 winning 68.6 percent of the vote. In 1998 Governor Bush won 49 percent of the Hispanic vote, 27 percent of the African-American vote, 27 percent of Democrats and 65 percent of women. He won more Texas counties, 240 of 254, than any modern Republican other than Richard Nixon in 1972 and is the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to win the heavily Hispanic and Democratic border counties of El Paso, Cameron and Hidalgo.
Someone began circulating a false story about his I.Q. being lower than any other President. If you believed it, you might want to go to URBANLEGENDS.COM and see the truth.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
Earned a B.A. in 1965 and a M.A. in 1966, both in political science. Two years later, he won an American Political Science Association congressional fellowship. One of Vice President Cheney's primary duties is to share with individuals, members of Congress and foreign leaders, President Bush's vision to strengthen our economy, secure our homeland and win the War on Terrorism. In his official role as President of the Senate, Vice President Cheney regularly goes to Capital Hill to meet with Senators and members of the House of Representatives to work on the Administration's legislative goals. In his travels as Vice President, he has seen first hand the great demands the war on terrorism is placing on the men and women of our military, and he is proud of the tremendous job they are doing for the United States of America.

Secretary of State Colin Powell:
Educated in the New York City public schools, graduating from the City College of New York (CCNY), where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in geology. He also participated in ROTC at CCNY and received a commission as an Army second lieutenant upon graduation in June 1958. His further academic achievements include a Master of Business Administration Degree from George Washington University. Secretary Powell is the recipient of numerous U.S. and foreign military awards and decorations. Secretary Powell's civilian awards include two Presidential Medals of Freedom, the President's Citizens Medal, the Congressional Gold Medal, the Secretary of State Distinguished Service Medal, and the Secretary of Energy Distinguished Service Medal. Several schools and other institutions have been named in his honor and he holds honorary degrees from universities and colleges across the country. (Note: He retired as Four Star General in the United States Army)

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld:
Attended Princeton University on Scholarship (AB, 1954) and served in the U.S. Navy (1954-57) as a Naval aviator; Congressional Assistant to Rep. Robert Griffin (R-MI), 1957-59; U.S. Representative, Illinois, 1962-69; Assistant to the President, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Director of the Cost of Living Council, 1969-74; U.S. Ambassador to NATO, 1973-74; head of Presidential Transition Team, 1974; Assistant to the President, Director of White House Office of Operations,White House Chief of Staff, 1974-77; Secretary of Defense, 1975-77.

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge:
Raised in a working class family in veterans' public housing in Erie. He earned a scholarship to Harvard, graduating with honors in 1967. After his first year at The Dickinson School of Law, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, where he served as an infantry staff sergeant in Vietnam, earning the Bronze Star for Valor. After returning to Pennsylvania, he earned his Law Degree and was in private practice before becoming Assistant District Attorney in Erie County. He was elected to Congress in 1982. He was the first enlisted Vietnam combat veteran elected to the U.S. House, and was overwhelmingly re-elected six times.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice:
Earned her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Denver in 1974; her Master's from the University of Notre Dame in 1975; and her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver in 1981. (Note: Rice enrolled at the University of Denver at the age of 15, graduating at 19 with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (Cum Laude). She earned a Master's Degree at the University of Notre Dame and a Doctorate from the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies. Both of her advanced degrees are also in Political Science.) She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Morehouse College in 1991, the University of Alabama in 1994, and the University of Notre Dame in 1995. At Stanford, she has been a member of the Center for International Security and Arms Control, a Senior Fellow of the Institute for International Studies, and a Fellow (by courtesy) of the Hoover Institution. Her books include Germany Unified and Europe Transformed (1995) with Philip Zelikow, The Gorbachev Era (1986) with Alexander Dallin, and Uncertain Allegiance: The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army (1984). She also has written numerous articles on Soviet and East European foreign and defense policy, and has addressed audiences in settings ranging from the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Moscow to the Commonwealth Club to the 1992 and 2000 Republican National Conventions. From 1989 through March 1991, the period of German reunification and the final days of the Soviet Union, she served in the Bush Administration as Director, and then Senior Director, of Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council, and a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. In 1986, while an international affairs fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, she served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 1997, she served on the Federal Advisory Committee on Gender -- Integrated Training in the Military. She was a member of the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, the International Advisory Council of J.P. Morgan and the San Francisco Symphony Board of Governors. She was a Founding Board member of the Center for a New Generation, an educational support fund for schools in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park, California and was Vice President of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. In addition, her past board service has encompassed such organizations as Transamerica Corporation, Hewlett Packard, the Carnegie Corporation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Rand Corporation, the National Council for Soviet and East European Studies, the Mid-Peninsula Urban Coalition and KQED, public broadcasting for San Francisco. Born November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, she resides in Washington, D.C.

So who are these celebrities? What is their education? What is their experience in affairs of State or in National Security? While I will defend to the death their right to express their opinions, I think that if they are going to call into question the intelligence of our leaders, we should also have all the facts on their educations and background:

Barbra Streisand : Completed high school—Career: Singing and acting

Cher: Dropped out of school in 9th grade—Career: Singing and acting

Martin Sheen: Flunked exam to enter University of Dayton—Career:Acting

Jessica Lange: Dropped out college mid-freshman year.—Career: Acting

Alec Baldwin: Dropped out of George Washington U. after scandal. Career:Acting

Julia Roberts: Completed high school.—Career: Acting

Sean Penn: Completed High school—Career: Acting

Susan Sarandon: Degree in Drama from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.—Career: Acting

Ed Asner; Completed High school—Career: Acting

George Clooney: Dropped out of University of Kentucky—Career: Acting

Michael Moore: Dropped out first year University of Michigan—Career:Movie Director

Sarah Jessica Parker, Completed High School— Career: Acting

Jennifer Anniston: Completed High School—Career: Acting

Mike Farrell: Completed High school— Career: Acting

Janeane Garofelo: Dropped out of College—Career: Stand up comedienne

Larry Hagman: Attended Bard College for one year—Career: Acting

While comparing the education and experience of these two groups, we should also remember that President Bush and his cabinet are briefed daily, even hourly, on the War on Terror and threats to our security. They are privy to information gathered around the world concerning the Middle East, the threats to America, the intentions of terrorists and terrorist-supporting governments. They are in constant communication with the CIA, the FBI, Interpol, NATO, The United Nations, our own military, and that of our allies around the world. We cannot simply believe that we have full knowledge of the threats because we watch CNN!! We cannot believe that we are in any way as informed as our leaders.
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i wann Welcome Nunny!

Here in San Francisco:

So far, about 1500 anti-war protestors have been arrested. It costs SF City about $450,000 a day for hire police to curb these demonstrators.

i think some of these protestors seized the chaotic opportunity to create trouble. Some of them have weapons, guns, knives, etc in their bags.

More than 100 students from UC berkeley were arrested yesterday.

Many businesses in the downtown shopping areas and the financial district have been disrupted by these demonstrators. In addition, they have also posed problems for commuters.

Yesterday, many protestors tried to enter the Bay bridge, but was stopped by the police. If i did not hear wrong, 14 were arrested for attempting to enter the bridge, despite several warnings from police.

i wonder how SF is going to be like if terrorists were to strike now? Also, the emergency medic is very much affected, and we really need these people to be alert in times of actual emergencies, not exhausted out, helping with these protests.
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looks like the shock and awe attack is under way.....
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Originally posted by nunny
Anyway - after last night's huge strike on Bagdad, some American soldiers were interviewed on the Israeli TV - they are stationed in Israel, and are in charge of protecting us (along with our military) in case of a missile attack. They were amazing! they told everyone they can sleep tight, that they are protecting us. That really affected me! I feel so much better.
I have tears in my eyes after reading this. Thank you Nunny, for posting that.

God bless you and your people and keep them safe.
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Sure does, Kellye. I hope it is over fast and the Iraqis don't do what we think they are capable of, using chem or bio weapons, using US and UK uniforms and attacking their own people to blame on us, etc.
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im just crying seeing this
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Thanks, Nunny. Its nice to know that somebody out there likes us. Welcome to the site and keep safe.

Reports are coming in, that senior Iraqi military officials are attempting surrender talks. According to Gen. Schwartzkopff (sp?), if Saddam was still in control, these guys would be dead. He's been known to shoot dissenting officials, on the spot.

Peter Arnett reports at least 25 buildings destroyed, in Baghdad, within 10 minutes. Between the cruise missiles and 2000+ lb. bombs, there isn't anything left of government buildings in Baghdad.

So far, only 14 deaths, on our side. This is very well-handled campaign. Considering the number of troops, that's well under what could have been expected. I feel for the families of those that died but it was for a good cause and they can be proud of them.
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Nunny... i feel for you .. ALOT!

i experienced a lot of fear when faced with earthquakes here in Northern California.

Furniture tumbled, glasses were broken, things were at a disarray, and we had to hide under tables and in between corridors when the earthquakes occurred.

i can imagine what it is like for you now, Nunny. The loud bombings, wearing uncomfortable and bulky gas masks, fearing for what is coming next, etc.

i shall be praying for your well-being and safety. i was praying fervently for the soldiers at war, and am sad to learn of several deaths today.

Nunny, could the kitties' ears be stuffed with small cotton balls? Hopefully, this will alleviate some fears arising from the loud noise.

Stay safe, Nunny, and give the kitties a hug and kiss for me!
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Saddam has put a bounty of soldier's heads- $14,000 dead, $28,000 alive- I shudder to think about what he would do to a soldier captured and brought to him.
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I am also a patriot. My eyes fill with tears when I see the Stars and Stripes fly, and I stand with awe when I hear the Star Spangled Banner. I love my country because we have the right to believe what we think is right, and criticize our government when we think it's in error, even if we are Democrats under a Republican administration, or that our job is in the arts, such as drama or music.

We have that right whether we have a high school education or we have doctorates and master's degrees. That's what freedom of speech means. The Bill of Rights protects these rights. So, let us not stop with the statement made by Stephen Decatur in 1816, "My country, right or wrong," but, as elaborated upon in 1871 by Senator Carl Schurz, former General of the Army, "When right, be kept right; when wrong, to be put right."
God bless America, and let us pray that she be guided in what is right.
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I heard that this morning on the way to work. Sounds like a desperate measure to me. He's also offering $33,000 for any planes or helicopter that's shot down.

CNN has now been kicked out of Iraq, as well as Fox (about a week or two ago for Fox). Going to be interesting how the reporters will be reporting it after that.
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Fortunately, I don't think that's an issue. At this point, if Saddam is still alive, he's burrowed into a bunker. One of his own inner circle may grow some cojones and take him out. They have got to know that there's no way he's going to stay in power.
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One of his own inner circle may grow some cojones and take him out
what are cojones?

sorry im clueless....

but in any case, i hope so too, especially to further lessen the risk of losing innocent lives.
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Peter Arnadt is still in Baghdad on assignment for National Geographic anyone heard that he was asked to leave? I guess these reporters are adrenaline junkies like extreme athletes? No amount of money is worth putting themselves in the danger they are in right now. Peter Bloom is bouncing across the desert with the 7th Calvary.
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cojones means balls...guts...chutzpa
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Peter Arnett is still there but CNN reporters are being thrown out - haven't found out why, yet.
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So, who is filming all of this footage we are seeing in Bagdad?
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MSNBC and Al-Jazeera.
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