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Castro's actions got about 3 lines of newsprint here, and there was no outcry. I was kind of shocked by his crackdown, since he has seemed to be a bit more mellow of late. I guess he figures he no longer poses a threat to U.S. interests, unlike in the Cold War era, and can do what he wants while everybody is busy with Iraq and Afghanistan. Hitler should have been stopped earlier - I don't think anyone could really conceive of Germany, Italy and Japan actually trying to take over most of the world. The best argument for taking out Saddam is Hitler - but you're right, we simply will never know what he would have done. He obviously had similar objectives - first he had his long, bloody war with Iran, and then invaded Kuwait, but after more than a decade of sanctions, he presumably was not in a position to invade his neighbors. Amnesty International estimates that he is responsible for 500,000 to 1 million deaths. I'm not a pacifist, by the way - one of my specialities in college was modern German history, and I'm quite aware that many wars are necessary. It's unilateralism that bothers me, and the lack of proof that he had WMD and was willing to provide terrorists with them. And I feel sad when ordinary people on all sides (also the Iraqi conscripts) have to die.