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Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch was rescued, by coalition forces. There are still five members of her unit missing in action.

The Pentagon didn't release details of the operation or her condition but she is alive.
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I just saw on CNN that she is in an Allied hospital, they told her family she is in "good condition" and that she will call them tonight.
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Just saw an update on her. She was being held in an Iraqi hospital which was also being used by the Iraqi military. She does have multiple gunshot wounds, but it doesn't appear to be life-threatening. She is in the care of American surgeons and doctors. now.
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The latest, on MSNBC's Website, is that she has two broken legs and a broken arm. An Iraqi civilian slipped a note, to US forces, telling where she was being held and even, the room number.

The four missing journalists are safe, in Jordan, too. They were being held in an Iraqi prison but, they don't know why.
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I hope they will manage to rescue all soldiers like that. I was moved to tears when I heard about her!!! Our local news said that she was shot a few times, but she is no longer in danger. She is nice and safe.

Is this girl from the 507 maintenance unit? Does anyone know what ever happened to those other POW's? We all saw their video, and it was breaking our hearts.

God, I hope this story will have a happy ending. I can't imagine otherwise.
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Just heard on the radio that they also found 11 bodies in the hospital, some of them may be Americans. They just don't know yet.

It was so cool on CNN last night they talked with Jessica Lynch's kindergarten teacher. She's from a small town, about 900 people, and she said the whole town is celebrating. Honking horns, sirens going off, even shooting off fireworks. What a wonderful night that must have been in Elizabeth, WV!

I am going to rant just a little bit on the CNN coverage, though. Regarding the 4 journalists who were unexpectedly escourted to Jordan, they only talked about the three American journalists. Does that other man not count? Is it somehow less important that he was released because he is not American? I was just ashamed that they were reporting it in that way.
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Her parents were just on MSNBC and, needless to say, they are thrilled, that she's alive. She's on her way to Ramstein AFB, in Germany.
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Today has been interesting to say the least. We are now 15-20 miles outside of Baghdad, meeting very little resistance. Most of the Iraqis they come across are surrendering on sight.

Iraq has now booted Al Jazeera news out. That says something right there. When they boot out the Arab network who is obviously more on their side, they must be panicked. At the same time that they did that, the Information Minister put out a statement saying they are winning the war. Hmmm, you have maybe 15 of our soliers captive, and less than 100 have been killed (many in accidents, not in combat. We have 8000+ POWs and have killed many hundred in combat. Now, who's winning again?
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We have decimated TWO divisions, of the Republican Guard and are within 20 miles of Baghdad. We did it without using civilians, as human shields or shooting from mosques and hospitals, too.
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I don't know what the Iraqi government is smoking but, it must be some potent stuff. They're claiming that coalition forces are nowhere near Baghdad and the Republican Guard has had only 17 killed.

CENTCOM and MSNBC show that Marines have taken Saddam International Airport and one of the palaces, four miles, from Baghdad.

They are doing some seriously weird stuff: expelling Al-Jazeera was a stupid move, on their part. That was their main propaganda mouthpiece, since Iraqi TV can't broadcast, outside of Baghdad.

It has been reported that Fox is lobbying, to get Geraldo Rivera, back into Iraq. After his irresponsible reporting, he's liable to get fragged, if he goes back.
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That Information Minister is going to have to share what he's been smoking with the rest of the population for them to believe him. "The Americans are not in Baghdad. Ignore the tanks rolling past your homes, they aren't really here. We are in complete control." :laughing2
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Today, it was: "We have run them out of the airport and, when they entered Baghdad, we cut their heads off."

I am so sorry, for the family of Lori Piestewa. She was from Tuba City, on the Hopi reservation. Her body has been positively ID'd. Pfc. Piestewa was Jesica Lynch's roommate. Fifty-two members of the Hopi tribe are in the service, 48 of them, in Iraq. This is a large number, for such a small tribe.
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Just saw this on my local (KYW1060) news website. If the UN doesn't get behind us now, they never will. So much for there not being any "smoking guns"...

<<Report: Deadly Nerve Agent Sickens U.S. Troops in Iraq

The Knight-Ridder News Agency is reporting the discovery of a deadly nerve agent in Iraq.

U.S. officials have yet to confirm the report, but the K-R news agency says American troops around 60 miles south of Baghdad have uncovered traces of Sarin. Initial tests, a foreign editor says, came back positive, follow-up tests came back negative, and then more sophisticated tests also confirmed the presence of Sarin.

The news reports also say a number of U.S. troops became ill. Their symptoms included vomiting, dizziness, and skin blotches - all associated with exposure to Sarin.

Traces of the compound are suspected in two sites: an agricultural warehouse and a military compound.

This would be the first confirmation of chemical weapons in Iraq.>>
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US troops have found 11 barrels, of sarin, tabun and lewisite (a blistering agent), buried near Karbala.

The Iraqi information minister held a press conference, on the roof of the Palestine Hotel. He said that there are NO US tanks, in the streets of Baghdad - it is all an illusion. I didn't know that David Copperfield was in Iraq! WHO does this idiot think that he's fooling?

An Iraqi exile force has been airlifted in, to form the basis of a new army and government. It looks as though this operation was planned out, in a lot more detail, than anyone knew about.
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They said they also found white powder filled grenades in a school of all places.

I am still reeling over the loss of one of my favorite tv commentators David Bloom- I loved his tenacity in reporting and will miss seeing him on NBC now.
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Bill was really hit hard, by David Bloom's death. He really liked his reporting. The other MSNBC reporters emm to be pretty shook up, too.

BTW- Geraldo Rivera seems to have disappeared. Could we be so lucky?
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I heard he got hired by a tabloid newspaper in London...don't know if this true or not?
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No, that was Peter Arnett. The Sun hired him. Maybe they want naked pictures of Saddam.

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I have an opinion. I think that top commander of saddams army that we see on the news every so often would make a good clown. He just looks like he would look good in clown makeup. Maybe its his big round nose. I dont know but i keep picturing him as a clown.:afrorainb
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
I have an opinion. I think that top commander of saddams army that we see on the news every so often would make a good clown. He just looks like he would look good in clown makeup. Maybe its his big round nose. I dont know but i keep picturing him as a clown.:afrorainb
Well, he IS going to need a new job, pretty soon.
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Its too bad he is a mass murderer, he can act in front of crowds real good.
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Now children, repeat after me:

Those are NOT American tanks, in th streets.

Those are NOT American soldiers, sitting on Fearless Leader's expensive upholstery, taking their ease in his garden and $#!++ing in his toilets!
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We are naughty!
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moving this to our brand spanking new forum for serious discussions!
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John McCain says that this guy has a future, on "Saturday Night Live".

His latest pronouncement is: "The American soldiers are committing suicide."
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The press is saying that today is the "Fall of Baghdad". When the tanks moved in today there was not any resistance. Even the Arab news channels are asking Where is this great Army that Saddam said would meet them in Baghdad. The Arab news reporter's answer was "It must have been a phantom." The people are welcoming the coalition forces into Baghdad, the people tried to take down that huge statue of Saddam in the main square but couldn't do it themselves. The Marines helped, nice boys that they are. After the statue fell the crowd jumped on it and dismantled it. The only resistance they encountered was from the Oil Ministry buildings. Even the Information Ministry is abandoned, and no one knows where the guy who said we aren't really there is.
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Hopefully it will ALL be over soon! It's great that Baghdad has been liberated - now the rest of the country will be soon (I'm thinking of Tikrit and Mosul). Don't you think the Iraqi Information Minister belongs in Hollywood? I've half been expecting him to announce, "The Americans and British have been soundly defeated!" while the Marines surround him on the street! He was the one who watched "Wag the Dog" too carefully. Hurrah for the coalition forces! Let's hope this means a whole new life for the Iraqis.
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I am rejoicing for the citizens of Iraq who are full of joy right now. I also agree that the "Press Secretary", or whoever that man was- was laughable. There was no doubt that the overwhelming power of the US would defeat such a small country, although we are fortunate that we did not lose more of our troops. Of course, even the vice-president said the struggle is far from over. It took years to put Europe back together after WWII, and it will take a long time to help the Iraqis establish a government and honest and efficient public services, such as a police force. This is all to be expected.

However, we did not make a "pre-emptive strike" to free the Iraqi people. That was never our stated purpose. That was not the argument we gave the United Nations. Even though I am personally happy to see the possiblility of a free and democratic Iraq, this was not our goal. There are victimized peoples all over the world. Now the VP is concerned that other countries will make unauthorized pre-emptive strikes. Well, we have set the precedent, unless we and the rest of the world accept double-speak. As much as I love my country and know in my heart that there are not many governments that can compare to ours, we are speaking out of both sides of our mouths. We will be very fortunate if the countries of the UN and the citizens of the US and the UK can forget that a free Iraq was not our major concern.
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I loved watching that statue come down and the Iraqis dragging the head, through the streets.

Can't say as though I blame the looters. After all of those years of deprivations, to see that the regime had stockpiled all of that food, meant for the Iraqi people, its understandable.

The Kurds were having quite a party, this morning, too. They were dancing in the streets, waving Kurdish and American flags and having themselves a high old time!
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They say that Jessica Lynch will be coming home (at least to Walter Reed), this weekend. If she doesn't make the promotion list AND get at least a Bronze Star, somebody at the Pentagon needs to be busted back to recruit!

If the stories about her fighting, until she ran out of ammo are true, a medal with a "V" (valor) is in order. The Purple Heart is a given and she's definitely got the combat points, to get promoted.
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