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I watched part of the Academy Awards. As usual I taped them, I don't have the patience to sit through all the hoopla. Michael Moore was completely out of line, and the audience did look shocked and upset.

Adrian Brody, who won Best Actor, made some very moving comments about the difficulty of wartime. Everyone stood and applauded, he also mentioned a good friend of his who is now serving in Kuwait. I think he truly wants peace, Michael Moore just wants to make a loud statement.
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What I wonder is why when the news reports the coalitions soldiers who have died - the number is always 10? Do they send groups out in 10? I just have a bad feeling that more are dying than they are reporting about (on both sides) I am remembering the VietNam War and how they fudged the numbers and after it was over they got caught in saying the numbers were lower than they actually were.

Did anyone see the life story of Saddam on the History Channel last night? It was a fascinating look at the man and the monster.
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
It seems that Saddam is still alive.
Oh no!!!!!!!!
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Those tapes, of Saddam, seem to have been pre-recorded (before the war). He doesn't mention anything about POWs and, in today's installment, he lauds several military comanders, by name - including the division commander who surrendered his 8000 troops, on FRIDAY. If this tape was current, would he be praising that commander? In addition, everyone these days is wearing uniforms. On the tapes, Saddam's son is seen in a suit.

In action today, Marines guarding a bridge came under fire, from Iraqi soldiers in civilian clothes, shooting from a HOSPITAL. Are there no depths, to the evil in this man?

Coalition troops are fully prepared to deal with chem/bio weapons, as they close in on Baghdad. As I see it, the best thing to do would be to just take out the Republican Guard troops, totally.
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Michael Moore's comment's were totally inapproriate, not only in the setting that he was in but in any setting. I understand his right to free speech, but free speech and the rhetoric he was spewing are 2 different things. I am sure by now that everyone here knows that I am anti-war, in this situation, and probably in almost any situation that would cause a war, but there comes a point when people go to far. I encourage peaceful demonstrations, but violence at some of these rallies that has been happening is a detriment to the cause of peace. No matter how anti-war I am I will never be anti-American and absolutely never anti-soldier. Soldier are the glue that "police" peace making efforts. They are doing a fantastic job, a job that right now must be very terrifying. My prayers are with them and their families, as well as with the people of Iraq.
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Wow Ady!!! that was a great post!
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Originally posted by hissy
What I wonder is why when the news reports the coalitions soldiers who have died - the number is always 10? Do they send groups out in 10? I just have a bad feeling that more are dying than they are reporting about (on both sides) I am remembering the VietNam War and how they fudged the numbers and after it was over they got caught in saying the numbers were lower than they actually were.

Usually they don't reported until they have either be id'd and/or the next of kin have been notified. the latest count today, does not include the soldiers that have been seen on the POW tapes for exactly those reasons.
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I always like reading your posts because they are always well-thought out and not just thrown out there for reaction, but more cause and effect. You made an eloquent speech right there.
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At the most recent count, there are 36 coalition soldiers killed.
British troops are having a hard time, at Basra because Saddam's fedayeen, an irregular paramilitary force, are firing on Iraqi civilians. The inhabitants of Basra are primarily Shi'ites, who have been persecuted, by Saddam. This action, by the irregulars, is preventing humanitarian aid from getting to Basra, also.

On a positive note, the Shi'ites are rising up, against the fedayeen. British troops have taken out a mortar, that was firing into residential areas, of Basra.

Intelligence has confirmed that Saddam was injured, in the initial strike. Electronic intercepts have picked that up. Unfortunately, he is able to move about Baghdad, through a system of tunnels. One of his close inner circle has been turned into a "friendly" asset and is passing along information, too.
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Originally posted by hissy

I always like reading your posts because they are always well-thought out and not just thrown out there for reaction, but more cause and effect. You made an eloquent speech right there.
Thanks Hissy. I never try to imflame anyone, but at times I just have to voice my opinion. I know, that as a nonAmerican, I can never fully understand the stress and anguish your nation is feeling, but I will always be proud to say that Americans are my personal friends.
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It must just be me, but I don't look at people as different groups, nationalities, etc. I am proud this is truly a world-wide forum- but I link us all to one group only "Cat Lovers"
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Hissy-what a nice thought!
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This just in

U.S. intelligence indicates "major column" of Iraqi Republican Guard troops with 1,000 vehicles heading south from Baghdad toward U.S. forces near Najaf, sources tell CNN's Walter Rodgers, embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division.
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I was just reading an embed report, from a reporter who's with the Marines. They were the ones ambushed by Iraqis waving a white flag. The commander's orders now are: "Kill 'em."

As for that Republican Guard column, hopefully they'll call in an airstrike and take them out, on the road.
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According to early reports from former officers, the loss of life in city fighting is 20-30%. I hope the Republican Guard does come to meet them. There may be fewer casualties. I'm concerned that we need more backup. Our troops now would be outnumbered, although we have much better equipment.
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They're dissecting the report that 14 civilians were killed, by an errant missile, in Baghdad. What the Iraqis AREN'T saying, is that the target was a missile battery, 300 YARDS away.

Overall, the Red Cross is reporting fewer civilian deaths and injuries, than the Iraqis are claiming. This doesn't include the civilians killed by the Iraqi irregulars, in Basra. The British didn't start shelling the city center until the Iraqis began firing mortars into it. Taking out that mortar battery probably saved more lives, than it took.
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There is a report, this morning, that British citizen has been captured, in Basra. He was fighting FOR the Iraqis, AGAINST British forces. Presently, he is being held, as a POW.

Question for our British members: does this constitute treason, under British law?
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This just arrived in email

It's the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the

It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech.

It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who gives us the freedom to

It's the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and
whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the

-- Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, Sergeant, USMC
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Oh, Hissy, I LIKE that. Thanks.
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As of the last time I could bear to listen to the news, 26 Americans had been killed, 12 of them were "our guys" from Camp LeJuene. I just couldn't bring myself to see if i knew any of them.
I was listening to a call in radio show yesterday, and the subject was the female soldier that is MIA, Jessica Lynch, I believe. One of the callers was a female former Marine Corp medic. I thought what she had to say ws very insightful, and very correct. She said that this woman would not want to be a novelty as the first woman MIA, or God forbid, KIA. She is a soldier, and would wish to be thought of as such. She thought it was somewhat disrespectful of the media to be showing her photo as a civilian, as a pretty, young, American teenager, when she is a highly trained member of the American Armed Forces. I had not thought of it that way, but I think she is right. Any opinions, or thoughts on this?
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In the military, people cease to be "men" or "women" - they are soldiers and as such have a job to do. Despite the gains made, over the past 30 years, there is still a mind-set, that women need to be protected. I resent that, as I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Women have proven themselves, in a number of areas. Most of us may not have the upper-body strength, to do a lot of heavy lifting but, where coordination, logic and rational thinking are required, women shine.

As for injuries and the possiblity of torture and/or sexual assault - men are subjested to these, too. Women, in general, are able to deal with pain and hardship, as well as, if not better than men.
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Geraldo Rivera has made an @$$ of himself, again. He took it upon himself, to tag along with th 101st Airborne and broadcast their position and their troop movements. He had been removed from the theater and escorted back to Kuwait.

This is one of the most irresponsible pieces of "journalism", that I've ever heard of. That jerk knowingly put our soldiers' lives in jeopardy.

I don't know why news organizations continue to hire him, since he has had zero credibility, for years.

The reporters, embedded with the troops, have done an excellent job of reporting within the parameters set by military security and are to be commended. Personally, I would have let Geraldo find his own way, back to Kuwait, without a military escort.
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They made a pretty horrible discovery this weekend. They found parts of bloody US uniforms of some of the POWs with the nametags and flags ripped off. They also found pieces of uniform still attached to batteries. That's some pretty clear evidence that they are in violation of the Geneva Convention. Bless those soldiers who are POWs, and give them the strength to overcome these things we can't even imagine.
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I think that the whole thing with the picture of the female soldier depends on the situation. If they were showing the pictures of men as civilians, it's fine. Soldiers are still people; they don't just turn into killing machines when they get sent over-seas, and sometimes it's good to be reminded of that. Those are people's friends, parents, children, etc. over there. If that was the case, I don't think it was disrespectful.

On the other hand, if they were showing pictures of men in uniform while showing pictures of women as civilians, then it's inappropriate. She is equal to the man, and if they are showing the men as brave, uniformed soldiers, it is down-playing her achievements to show her a a civilian.
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Geraldo Rivera used to be an investigative reporter, and should have known better--despite the fact that his career has gone downhill for years. The real shock is that Peter Arnett was also fired (by NBC, MSNBC, and National Geographic Explorer) for giving an interview to the Iraqi news people. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner, as a result of his reporting for CNN in the Gulf War. He said the U.S. underestimated the Iraqi's determination, and had to change their plans. It was inappropriate to comment at all. It's true that we have to change our plans, but it wasn't the Pentagon's mistake; it was Rumsfeld who would not listen to the military experts, and opted for a smaller force. I'm afraid that's going to cost us a lot of lives!
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Peter Arnett was fired from CNN, in 1998, for airing a phony story. It was entitled "Tailwind" and claimed that US forces used poisoned gas on Laotian civilians. He and CNN went ahead with the story, without properly checking sources.

He should not have expressed his personal views, on Iraqi TV. A journalist is supposed to report the facts. There is already too much bias, in the media.
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My thoughts are with that reporter and her camera man that were snatched out of their hotel room 6 days ago by Iraqi police. They said her address book held phone numbers of some important white house personnel, and they fear she was snatched to become a bargaining chip.

This morning on one of the news show, they had a soldier who had been in a helicoptor assault read his journel of the hellstorm that he went through. I was in tears by the time he finished reading his harrowing account. God bless all of the soldiers overseas, men and women...
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We've been getting regular updates, on a local Marine, wounded last week. He took shrapnel, to the head and it didn't look as though he would make it. However, he is concious and coherent and should be home, soon. What is unusual is that he and his father are in the same unit.

Good wishes, for the Denogean family!
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The Associated Press is reporting that a recon mission was successful and we got back one of our Marine POWs! There's at least one rescued, perhaps more than one.

On a darker side, hubby just called to tell me it looks like the ground offensive is really starting now. All the embedded reporters are saying they are moving and attacking. Bless our troops, keep them safe.
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I just heard they rescued one of the females - a 19 year old from Virginia, if I remember correctly. The news didn't have any other information - what condition she's in, etc. - but thank God they got her!!

Prayers to the rest of the POWs, and to all the troops.
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