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MSNBC has just announced that it is quite possible that a Patriot missile did hit a British plane. The explanation is that the transponder, which would have identified it as British, could have been defective. The same broadcast states that only 10 Allied soldiers have been captured, and that no American plane or pilot is missing over Baghdad. However, the stories seem to change every few minutes.

As Anne has stated, Americans are allowed to state their objections to government action, as long as those demonstrations are peaceful. I pray that we are doing the right thing, and also for the servicemen, but history will be the ultimate judge, as always.
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I think that the crew of that British Tornado got out all right. The friend-or-foe transponder may well have malfunctioned. Lord knows, we're all familiar with electronics malfunctions.
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It makes me sick that these Hollywood types are going to take the Oscars and turn it into a public forum to air their political views. There is NO way that I am watching that.
I couldn't agree more…I will not be watching the Oscars.

IMO I think it is SO fake and hypocritical for CERTAIN celebrity protestors (Fauxtestors) to voice their NEW found political views about this war—I am referring to the celebrities who have showed ZERO interest in the past. Funny and sickening to watch them try to play their "New Roles"—drawing attention to themselves. Eww!

Wouldn't it be cool to see all protesting actors and actresses appear on a nationally televised, LIVE, unrehearsed political discussion forum? Maybe have Hannity and Combs moderate the show…Hmm? Huh? Hmmm?
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Oh No..They just reported that the Iraqi's have 4 of our soldiers held captive...The showed them on Iraqi TV. One of the soldiers is a girl and she's not wearing her boots - they zoomed in on her feet to show they are damaged. I PRAY that they are not tortured. Now my stomach has flipped and my heart is on the floor.

They reported that some of our POW's were executed—shot in the head. I am in tears. The Geneva convention has been violated BIG time. I wish that we would go ahead and LEVEL Bagdad!!!!!!!
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what's up with the whole iraqi search for a us soldier who parachuted into the river?? And then the pentagon says there's a plane missing, perhaps shot down over baghdad?? My heart is in my throat, for anyone who may actually be out there hiding from the iraqi's.. there were like a TON of people out there, probably ready to rip the us soldiers limb from limb.. Unforunately I am cableless (out in the country we can't actually GET cable) so I have to watch network, which just seems to play the same thing over and over again, in between weather and sports..

I think actors and actresses have a right to voice their opinions as does everyone else.. I don't like bill o'reilly so um I don't watch him, but I'm not gonna bash him for what he has a right to do.. For that matter I'm not too fond of the Bush, yet I do support our troops, and I'm against this war to a degree and under these particular circumstances, but can see how some people could be for it.. I also think our ability to protest our gov't is a show of our freedom. Those who want to stop the peaceful protests aren't really giving much thought to what the whole war is supposedly about (freedom..).. I can understand those that turn violent must be stopped tho..

hey if u don't like my opinion, sorry =) I don't mean to get anyone fired up, really differing political views don't really bother me too much and I'm really not a debater or a fighter. I just hope that as many people can get out as safe as possible..

And what about these 11 POWS?? I'm gonna cry, and I can't even imagine what the families are going thru.. Please let's all pray for these people..
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Originally posted by annabelle33

I think actors and actresses have a right to voice their opinions as does everyone else..
So do I, but to me the Oscars is not the forum in which to do it. Would you like to be in the middle of a scene of ER, and have Noah Wyle turn to the camera and say, "Gee, I know I should be reciting a line right now, but I felt compelled to tell you my views on this war in Iraq."?
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Those MAY be Americans. Saddam ordered exact replicas of American and British militery uniforms, with a plan to commit atrocities and blame them on the coalition. The people shown on Iraqi TV may well be Iraqis or Western human shields, dressed in American uniforms. The Iraqis are capable of anything, to make it appear that they have the upper hand.

They are also claiming that an Israeli missile has fallen in Baghdad, in order to inflame the Iraqi people.

Another complication has been thrown into the mix. The Turks may be using this war as an excuse to go after the oilfields, around Kirkuk and take out the Kurds, in that area. Our troops have been protecting those Kurds, since the first Gulf war. The Turks are concerned that the Kurds may set up their own state, in northern Iraq. The Turks are fighting Kurdish rebels, in their own country AND they'd love to have those northern Iraqi oilfields.
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I think actors and actresses have a right to voice their opinions as does everyone else..
Of course they do....good thing they live in America and have the freedom to run their yaps, especially on television for all the world to see—you know, the same way we regular people do

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Somehow I think it is an atrocity towards our troops for hollywood to parade their glitz and glamor while our brave men and women are eating sand and dodging bullets. There is just something so wrong with that in my head. And then on top of that to listen to them spew about how wrong we are to be there?
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i've been trying to stay out of this thread, but i have to jump in and agree with maryanne. i love to watch the oscars because i love the clothes. i will likely never be there, so why not enjoy a bit of flash and admire theirs. i am torn on whether to watch it this year for the reason you state.

they DO have a right to voice their opinions. this is not the platform. i also believe, what makes their opinions more important just because they are famous? they impose a sense of self importance. i like to watch the pretty people, but don't care about their views as much as they want me to care -- how shallow, eh?

but my main concern is what i ahve been saying all along... disagree, state your views, etc, but when push comes to shove... support your troops and leaders because they really are doing the best they can to protect our interests. that goes for the stars, too. they have secure info we don't. if they want to be in politics, take off the versace and armani and put on a conservative suit and run for office. reagan did.
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i too enjoy watching the fashion scene at the Oscars.

i was hoping they will defer it till later, with all the war controversies going on. i thought it might even be DANGEROUS for the attendees.

Hopefully, the protestors will not pose as a danger.
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I think it would be really nice if the Oscars would dedicate the entire show to our troups. No protesting..No politics...Just dedicate the show to our Soldiers. That's not asking for too much, huh?
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Like you, Jan, I have been trying to stay out of this thread, so I dont get accused all over again. You all have made good statements. I am probably not going to watch the oscars, but not for that reason - I cant sit still for 3 hours of yak yak yak and looking at who has the best clothes and who has the worst. BORING! I will find out who is best actor , etc tomorrow, not like im going to miss anything important. There are better shows to watch And besides, I have a lot of cleaning up to do, its amazing how much clutter we have built up I am trying to avoid watching the war on telly, it gets me upset and it gets me into tears, especially now they are using women and children as human shields.
While I do not agree with war, I am behind the troops 100%, after all they are doing their job. *sigh* but I just wish this is over soon.
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"take off the Versace and run for office" LOL, thats going to be my thought for the day.
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
"take off the Versace and run for office" LOL, thats going to be my thought for the day.
LOL Binky!
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I cant take the credit, Auburn said it. funny stuff!
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While I agree that these limousine liberals have a right to speak their piece, it ironic that they are bad-mouthing the very people who are defending that right. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

As for any of them running for office - how many of them are actually registered to vote?

I have a lot of respect for Clint Eastwood and Sonny Bono. When they saw that things weren't right, in their cities, they got off of their duffs and DID something about it. They challenged the good ol' boy network and made their cities better places, by standing up for ALL of the citizens.
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I for one hope you do not stay out of this thread, because what you have to say is always worth reading IMO. I would not let one person sway you from saying whatever is on your heart. As Anne said, because we enjoy such a unique freedom we are allowed to say anything we wish and not have to worry about being beheaded or having our tongue cut out. I always have liked your posts and you, and will continue to do so regardless of what rabble rousers might say. I was teasing you earlier, and it was not a good thing to do and I apologize if it upset you.
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Posted by katl8e
As for any of them running for office - how many of them are actually registered to vote?
LOL! That is a darn good question. Hmmm.

Also, certain celebrities will need to get their high school diplomas should they decide to run for office—that is a prerequisite, isn't it?
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By the way, has any noticed that when the war started it was called Operation Freedom Sheild (or something like that) now its called Operation Iraqi Freedom. Whats up with that?
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i think Kim's idea is fabulous!

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Forgive me, but do you think Gt. Britain stopped all entertainment for six years while WWII was coming to a conclusion? If this war were going to be over in a few days, I would understand the objections to the Academy Awards. If it would be a good idea to put the Oscars on hold, shouldn't we also stop Survivor, Everybody Loves Raymond, and all other programs designed to entertain? Should the news be the only programming allowed? Martin Sheen has been an activist for years. Should The West Wing be put in the wings? I think it is a mistake to think this war will be over in a matter of days. This could continue for months, or even years.

I wonder how many wars you all remember. I remember several. I know that life did not stop. In fact in times of stress, history says that people flocked to the movies to watch what we would now consider "fluff." It eased the pain and the worry that their sons, brothers, sisters and spouses might not come home.

I remember that the young protestors to the Vietnamese conflict were considered to be unpatriotic. I thought so too, and I was in their age group. I didn't agree with many of the actions of the young people, but I agreed with their opinion on the war. But it took the mowing down of college students at Kent State to cause the American people to take a second look at that war, and ultimately decide it was wrong. I remember a young teenager on my street being shot and killed by a sniper. War is not glory, not glamour, not always the right choice. I am taking no joy in the thoughts of anyone being killed, American, British, or Iraqi. "War is Hell," as Sherman said, and the only war in the last sixty years that history agrees was just is WWII. I would not be so hasty to call those who disagree with you unpatriotic or publicity seekers.

We are powerful, and I don't think there's any doubt that we will eventually win this war, but it will cost the lives of many soldiers and citizens, including little children. And it has already cost us the respect of some of our friends around the world. I pray that we're right, as I'm sure every patriotic American does, but I am far from certain!
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Tamara, there are actually two "operations" going on. Operation Iraqi Freedom is the war we are fighting to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Operation Freedom Shield is the homeland efforts to ensure that terrorists can't strike us here at home.

I am just sick at the thought of the Iraqis having any of our troops as POWs. Yes, we have thousands of their troops, but we also know that they are probably being treated better by us, in better conditions than they were by their own government. God only knows what they are doing to our men and women. And if there is a woman that they capture, words just escape me. We know what they do to their women.

As for the protesters and the Oscars, we do have the right to protest. That's fine, and I have no problem with the peaceful protesters. I can't understand protesting for peace and being violent. I can't understand not even knowing WHAT you are protesting for (and from the interviews of some of the protesters, they truly don't have a clue). Everyone here who has stated that they are against the war has given good arguments against the war, and at least know what's going on in the political systems around the world. Oscars, I'm not watching this year. Mary Anne and Jan put it so well, I can only concur with what they already said.

Kellye, it is good to have disagreement especially on big issues like this. It makes both sides of the issue stop and think, evaluate where they are coming from. I know a couple people's remarks were pretty cutting in the other war thread, but please don't think that we all feel that way. We don't, and most of us truly value your opinion.
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Jeanie, what a great statement you made!
And I agree.

I havent felt like posting here lately because it really gets to me, seeing the shock and awe attack (I hate that name), the loss of lives.
Imagine how those soldiers feel. Imagine how stressed they are.
It is in my opinion that those soldiers are not fighting for freedom or whatever the cause is, but fighting to stay alive, and to make it home alive.
Thats what really gets me.
My poppa was in WW2, fighting for England, in the merchant navy. To this day, he wont talk about it. I do know that his best friend died saving his life. My heart goes out to the veterans of past wars, imagine how they are feeling seeing all this and this has got to bring back a lot of memories.

I am anti-violence.
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Kiwideus posted:
It is in my opinion that those soldiers are not fighting for freedom or whatever the cause is, but fighting to stay alive, and to make it home alive.
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I don't want to see our troops treated shabbily, when they get home. When Bill came home from his third tour, in Vietnam (1967), his father was commander of the local VFW post. Of course, he wanted Bill to join. The members there stated, "We don't want any G--D----d baby burners and murderers at this post." Bill's dad promptly resigned. To this day, Bill will not set foot in any veterans' organization.

Its bad enough to be castigated and spit upon, by lily-livered liberals but, to be treated like the scum of the earth, by fellow veterans is worse.
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It is one thing to have regular television going, but to put on an extravanganza that costs millions to put together is just wrong in my opinion. To get together and party and drink and celebrate while so many are dying is not something I support or ever will.

On another note-
I was watching a piece of tape last night, and it was where american soldiers were blowing up enemy tanks. There was a dog near one of the tanks, and the americans launched their weapons, the tank exploded and the dog yelped and took off running. At least he could still run! Not only are people dying in this, but the animals are suffering as well. Before the war started I was getting emails from people in Iraq asking me if I knew of anyone who was taking in animals! There was only one vet that I knew of and he only had room to take in 26 animals.
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Martin Sheen has been an activist for years. Should The West Wing be put in the wings?
In my area, The West Wing was pre-empted last week, and NBC aired 2 episodes of Law and Order instead.
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Just saw on CNN's ticker that some Iraqis faked surrendering and then ambushed our troops. Don't know how credible it is, but that's pretty underhanded if they are doing that. Guess that's how they operate.

Hubby had bought a bunch of yellow ribbon, just in case. It's unfortunate we have to use it, he tied it on our balcony this morning after hearing of our POWs. It will stay up until all our troops come home.
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The media just got chewed out for showing the video clip of the captured american soldiers. I wonder if it were my relative or loved one if I would like to see it or be left wondering?
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