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The War Discussion

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In an effort to keep the two other threads to the purpose they were started for, I'm starting a thread for anyone who still wants to share their personal opinions about the War in Iraq. This is a FRESH START, no hurt feelings allowed from the past threads.

The other threads are:

A moment of prayer at the brink of war (Sending thoughts and prayers to all those affected)

The War has Started (News updates on what's happening)

Please, let's keep this civil, respect one another even if you vehemently disagree, stay away from personal attacks or insane accusations, and please don't take things personally. This is obviously a very hot topic and emotions run high. Those emotions (I hope ) aren't directed at anyone personally but to the situation at hand.

Thank you, and carry on!
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i slept all morning, did the news say what was going to happen today and what is this shock and awe thing?
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We're bombing Baghdad again. Looks as though its more widespread, than last night.

Closer to home, the Secretary of Energy has reported a "possible" terrorist threat, to the Palo Verde nuclear power plant, west of Phoenix. That's the largest nuke plant, in the country. Its only about 200 miles, from where I live and about 50 west of the Phoenix metro area.
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It began a few minutes ago, Kellye. It is supposed to be huge. God bless the innocents, the children, especially. I hope they left the city of Baghdad!
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Cindy - please keep safe! I am keeping your region in my prayers.
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It seems everybody was waiting for the war to start over there. I've also wondered when/if the terrorist attacks would start over here.

The nuclear thing is really scary.
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incredibly scary. cindy, i am hoping you will be safe. you are precious to all of us.
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but sometimes watching the basketball takes off the tension and worry, jakes watching it right now.
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but sometimes watching the basketball takes off the tension and worry, jakes watching it right now.
true. editing former post -- posted that purely on emotion without thinking.
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Sometimes the news goes overboard with coverage. We all know we can watch CNN or Fox News to get updates. It is nice to have some sense of normalcy.

I also live near a nuclear power plant. Three Mile Island is only about 25 miles from here. Some people thought the plane that crashed in Somerset, PA might have been targetting TMI.

I really hate that it's come to this, but I also think Saddam Hussein is a dangerous person who has to be dealt with. Appeasement didn't work for Europe with Hitler, and it wasn't working with Saddam. I am sad that some civilians will more than likely get killed. It is sad that some of the troops will also lose their lives, I feel badly for their families.
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I'm not too worried about the PV nuke plant. Its been pretty well guarded, since 9/11 and, yesterday, the governor sent a National Guard unit out there. On top of them, there are constant overflights of F-16 and F-18s out of Luke AFB. The Marines, from the Yuma Air Station are patrolling, too.
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We used to have Nike missile sites surrounding the Pittsburgh area, but they're obsolete and gone. There is a nuclear plant closer to billchamb, but within about 45 miles of my house. I wish they'd get rid of nuclear plants altogether. I know that's controversial, but I did quite a bit of research on them for a long paper I wrote in college, and the more I learned, the more frightened I got. So many warning signals went off accidentally at TMI that noone paid attention to them, and we were only 60-90 minutes from meltdown. Frightening! Cindy, my prayers are with you.
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Having unfortunately managed to have been downwind of both Three Mile Island and Chernobyl when the "China Syndrome" became reality, I can sympathize. I hate to think of what the people, especially children, in Baghdad are going through, and what the soldiers are facing. I just hope it's over with quickly.
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I've been watching the air assault on Baghdad. According to military analysts, the Iraqis are blindly shooting AAA, into the air, hoping to hit something, anything. Their fire is useless because our planes fly too high to be hit by AAA and missiles fly too fast. Those shells are coming down, somewhere, though and, sooner or later, somebody is going to be hit.

That's why it is illegal here to fire a weapon into the air. Some years ago, a little girl was killed in Phoenix, by a bullet fire into the air on New Year's Eve. She was quite a long way from where the bullet was fired.
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what are AAA?
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anti aircraft artillery shells
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You Go! Hissy... I was going to take a stab at it and say Anti-American-Ammo - LOL!

OK...OK...Just kidding...

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:LOL: Kim
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Sorry, I've spent so many years, as a military brat, that i forget that not everyone knows the lingo.
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Picked up some more info off of MSNBC. There is over 150 billion dollars, in Iraqi assets sitting in a UN escrow account. These are the revenues from the oil-for-food program. All of those oil deals are now nullified and France and Germany had the biggest stakes. THAT'S why those countries have been so dead set against taking out Saddam. THEY are the ones, who want the oil.

The US has removed 600,000 tons of wheat, from government reserves ans selling it, in order to buy a comparable amout of rice, to feed the Iraqi people, when this thing is over. The money in that escrow account will also be used for humanitarian aid and to rebuild the country.

Once the situation is stabilized, the UN will continue to administer the oil revenues until Iraq has a government that will put its people first.
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Anti-war protestors in Portland are burning American Flags in the downtown area..!
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Let tem go to Iraq and burn an Iraqi flag and see what happens to them!
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You know there are effective ways to get your point across, but burning the American flag is not the way to go.
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I not only don't understand these protesters, I can't stand them! If you hate your country enough to burn the flag DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!!! These people who go to Riot Class to learn how to disrupt society while still not letting anyone know what the hell you're so against! They make the news, but generally, I never know what they are protesting.

Sorry for the rant, I know it's OT, but I just cannot FATHOM what these people are thinking!!!
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I agree Heidi- it is hard to understand the mindset of people like that so filled with hate. My thought is turn the fire hoses on them to douse the fires....
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Have you noticed how many of the anti-war protesters bring in other issues that are totally unrelated? For example, I saw one of the recent protests in DC on C-SPAN, and they mentioned freeing Mummia, the guy who shot 2 police officers. How is that appropriate in an anti-war protest? If you're going to protest, you should at least stick to the topic, unless you really have nothing to say.
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A thousand protesters have shut down Lake Shore Drive, in Chicago, too.

I'll accede to anyone's right to peacefully protest but they don't have the right to disrupt other people's access and lives or vandalize property.

A bunch went onto a pedestrian bridge, over a major street, here and padlocked a sign to it. They also sprayed anti-war graffitti on it. That is vandalism and I hope they are caught and prosecuted.

Several were arrested at our Federal Building, recently. They were physically blocking the entrances, were politely asked to leave and didn't. They were all cited for trespassing.

There's a flag flying on the front of my house. Nobody had better try to burn THAT one!
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There was one protestor in San Francisco who climbed on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, chanting anti-war slogans and leaped to his death.
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Originally posted by hissy
There was one protestor in San Francisco who climbed on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, chanting anti-war slogans and leaped to his death.
Some people get a little too carried away, or maybe he was mentally unstable. Protest if the mood strikes you, but not if you're going to hurt other people or yourself. Or destroy property.
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Hello, everyone.

I am new here, and I am eagerly reading everything you guys are writing aboout cats, and now I finished reading all the threads regarding the war.

I am an Israeli, and I wanted to take this chance and thank everyone - in America.
It no secret how scared we all were in the last 48 hours. I was terrified, and I tried on my gas-mask, which really freaked me out (the authorities directed everyone to do so).

I see the lit-up sky of Bagdad on the news, and my knees shake... I can't help remember all the rough moment in the last war. The biggest fear was what will happen to my cats!!! I wish I could calm them down. I try to stay calm myself, but seeing me with a gas mask - really scared them!!! poor babies.

Anyway - after last night's huge strike on Bagdad, some American soldiers were interviewed on the Israeli TV - they are stationed in Israel, and are in charge of protecting us (along with our military) in case of a missile attack. They were amazing! they told everyone they can sleep tight, that they are protecting us. That really affected me! I feel so much better.

So thank you all! Im glad that Saddam is dealt with, because he already threatened to throw a nuclear bomb on Israel. I just wish every innocent person will stay safe.

As a volunteer in a cat's shelter, I see how the situation affects the cats (people abandon them out of fear). I wish there was something I could do.

I wish you all peace, and may this war will be over soon. I am grateful for a friend like America.

:girly1: KatieCat
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