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Daily Thread TGIF April 25th!

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ONLY ONE MORE WEEK! I can barely contain myself.

Its going to be thunderstormy here today..I think thats the first time in a week that it will rain here. It has been gorgeous!

Going to the gym after work..then all weekend will be cleaning and getting things ready for next weekend.

I am getting pumped!
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I better get my case out for next friday as well.

Lovely and sunny here today. My neighbours going to cut my lawn for me today because i hate doing the first cut Going for a new head piece tomorrow for a wedding in august and i'll see what else catches my eye
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TGIF!!!! Happy Arborr Day to everybody! (ok, well I know it is not actually today, but that is when the city that I live in is celebrating it)

I have the day off of work today so that I can MC an Arbor Day Celebration. I am rather nervous as I only got the agenda yesterday so I had only one night to prepare.

TGIF for everybody though!!!!!
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G'morning everyone! I've been at work for an hour and have gotten next to nothing done so far!! The computer system seems to be sleeping this early in the morning!! Everything is on a specific intranet program, but it is not cooperating, which means I can't do very much until it does!!! But that gives me an excuse to post on here, especially since the boss doesn't come in for another 30 mins

Tonight is our last night of bowling for the season (we are on a league). Now I gotta wait til September again! But I think I should keep bowling over the summer ... last time we didn't, and I sure did stink when we started again

Gonna be working Saturday for a little (grabbing as much OT as I can since the house will be started shortly!) and maybe I'll get to go to the beach this weekend
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I actually just got up about 15 minutes ago........scary, huh? Hub is being sweet, 'cuz I wound up at the dentist office yesterdy afternoon, I broke a crowned tooth off at the gum, so wound up having the root pulled, and a bridge made by crowning the teeth on either side of it....I haven't looked yet this morning, but my upper lip feels like its badly swollen, lol!
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Hrmn... well I'm supposed to be cleaning at the moment. I have an entire apartment to clean, I have a golf lesson to get to and I have a whole bunch of laundry to do. I've got to set up the spare bed for my best friend coming tomorrow and I've got so much work waiting for me tomorrow it doesn't actually feel like a weekend OH well.... I'd better get started!!

peace out y'all!
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Morning All!!

Rainy here this morning.

Heading off to work shortly. Pay day so I guess it is bank stuff, running errands and grocery shopping after work..

Nothing special planned for this evening, kind of tired the last few days so may just make it an early night.

Kitties are good this morning, indulging in their various Kittie pursuits right now..
Everyone have a good day
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Sunny so far, but thunderstorms are on the agenda. My plan for today is, first I'm waiting for the cable guy to come look at my internet b/c it goes out about 20 times a day--no exaggeration!
Then, a friend and I are having lunch and going to see the movie "Baby's Mama".
Don't know what I'll do tonight, but I want to get into something!

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Morning. Very pretty and nice here. Went to my cancer doctor today and he said that if I keep doing so well next April will be my last visit with him!. Waiting for MERRY MAIDS to come to Spring clean the house today.
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hello all! another crap day for me LOL! hope your all having a wonderful day hehe!
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