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Shelter cats 4/24/08

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Here's a video of the cats available at our local shelter in Cedar Hill, TX, this week.

Some sad stories, here, and some happy ones. The ragdoll-looking cat is an adoption return. And the white cat with light yellow touches (maybe a very dilute flame point? Note the blue eyes.) is a stray pickup, with declawed front paws and neutered.

But the little orange girl is looking much better. I would not have given you a dime for her chances when she came in. She had been abandoned in an apartment, and wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, and was just huddled in a ball at the back of the cage. Now she's talky, cuddly, and a real lover. Still terribly skinny, though.
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Mike - there is no link.
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Sorry, here it is:

I thought sure I put it up.

By the way, the white fellow near the end, with the yellow patches... Notice his bright blue eyes. What breed do you figure he is?
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Don't know about the breed, but you have a GORGEOUS bunch of cats there. I hope they all find homes. It kills me seeing them in cages
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What really touched me is the response from the kitties when they saw the person doing the filming!! Immediate, happy, alert responses Despite their situation, they are safe from the elements and know they are loved by those who so valiantly try to find them good homes!!!!
Sending mega prayers and vibes that those homes are found soon, clearing cages in that obviously caring shelter, so that other lost, abandoned and otherwise kitties may find refuge - And many blessings on all of you shelter workers
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The workers at this shelter seem to genuinely care about the animals. They don't put very many to sleep, except those that are just too wild or too badly injured or too sick. And even those they will try to save, if they're not too crowded.

Right now two of these have notes on them not to put them to sleep, that shelter workers will adopt them if all else fails.
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Do they have enough fuzzy blankets for all of them?? I have a bunch that I could send to texas if they need them! (I normally give them to my local humane society because it turns out I have a thing with fleece blankets, cant stop buying them... I love them!)

They are all beautiful! I would love to have that black and white Mitted one but since I live like how many states away thats not possible...
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I think they go more for newspaper, just for the ease of cleaning. However, I can get you their phone number if you want to check with them.

For that matter, you can always call and ask if they would let you adopt them. Or just call and tell them that you saw the video on the internet, so they know they're getting some attention.

I'm really tempted by the white guy with the yellow patches, but since he's neutered and declawed, he won't have a problem getting adopted. The ragdoll-looking guy is a bit more of a challenge, especially since he's been adopted once and returned.
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My guess about the white and yellow cat is that is he just a very dilute flame point mix since the yellow is a dilute orange/red.
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That's what I'm thinking, too, especially with the blue eyes.

He is gorgeous, and a real lover. Pick him up, and he turns on the purr machine and wants to be head rubbed, chin scritched, and generally loved on.
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Awwwwww!!!!! Orange boys are weeeelllll... you already know, don't you!!!
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