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Help Me Please!!

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Hi All

Thank God I have come across this website!!
I have a Tabby Blue Persian cat who we got mated with a Pedigree Norweigan Forest Blue and she went with the male for 3 days and is now very heavily pregnant - I work it out to be 64 days today if we were to say she got pregnant on day 2 out of 3 days -
I got home last night and she had diorreah and it was all up the wall by her litter tray and all down her legs, she cant reach around her back end now either so I spent over an hour cleaning up and cleaning her up. I have now clipped her (she is very very long hair)
I have mad up a bed for her in the kitchen under the kitchen table and her tray is on the far right and food next to the box. Last night she spent the entire night in the kitchen but not in her box (she usually always sleeps in my bedroom either next to my partner or me
I have taken today off work cos I am freaking out as I think she shoudl be going into labour and Iwant to be here. ANy ideas when this will be? I can really feel the babies kicking in her tummy now but still no babies out!!
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What other signs is she showing? Anything else unusual?
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Very clingy to me keep meowing at me every time I stop rubbing her belly.
She cant even reach round to her rear end anymore so I am having to slean her bum. I saw a brownish discharge last night but it was a tiny bit, she is now lead next to me on the sofa, the babies are kicking a lot tooShe keeps nudging into my face as well and lets me kiss her head when she has NEVER let me touch her face
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A brownish discharge means babies are close. I would call your vet and mention the diarrhea and see what they say. But it could just be a sign of her whole system in flux as the babies are due. Many cats don't eat for 24 hours before giving birth, so don't worry if she is off her food for a day. Good luck with a safe delivery.
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She is defo not off her food! She is still eating. I have taken the day off work as I am so freaked out that I wont be here for 10 hours when she gives birth I want to be here just in case she has problems as this is her first litter
Everyone says she should start licking her vagina but she cant even reah round there!
Is this normal?
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I just wanted to offer you some vibes for the upcoming event.
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She is just sleeping now

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Cats pregnancy can be betweeen 63 - 68 days. She should have them within a week. My concern is you breeding mixed breed cats on purpose. Why?
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I didnt mix breed them on purpose it just so happened that my friend had Jason (the male cat) and hthat was his breed

Anyway she has just had another smelly poo that was runny at the end so I have to go clean up again

She just keeps getting up then laying down again
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My current foster couldnt reach her bum when she delivered either. So when her first kitten was born, he was out and she walked in circles until enough of the cord was out that she could reach him. It was kind of comical if it wasnt concerning!

Anyway... some of her most imminent signs were restlessness and digging!

I keep my fosters in my room that way if they deliver while I'm sleeping they might wake me up. On the night my current foster delivered, I went to bed, and not 1/2 hour later momma was in her box digging to China. I laid as still as possible trying not to disturb her and soon after she jumped from her box to my bed.

I could tell her breathing and purring was harder, knew she was in labor and thought she would have the kittens right there in my bed. But she did jump down, stood by her box and meowed. When I got down on the floor with her she went in her box again where she settled down for the long haul.

Some moms want their privacy and will look for a secluded place, but there are those that seem to want human reassurance when they birth and they will let you know.

Another reason I keep my fosters in my room is so I can be sure she is having them in a safe place and not behind the refrigerator or up on a shelf somewhere. If you dont have her confined to a room, you will want to keep a close eye on her so she isnt going off and hiding. No worries about your girl not going in her box yet, my last foster went in hers all the time preparing, but my current foster didnt go in hers until she delivered.

Some cats will stop eating at least 12 hours before birth, but others will eat right up to the minute before, so it is hard to gauge by this method.

Diarrhea is normal. It is their body's way of cleansing itself and getting ready for the births. Glad that she's letting you clean her up. Since she does have such long fur, you also might want to consider trimming her belly. It's not totally necessary, but if you dont, you will find yourself cutting out mats later as the kittens will suck on her fur in their search for a nipple. Dont shave it, and be sure to have help when trimming it so that you dont accidentally snag a nipple.

Good luck, sounds like she is close and I hope she delivers some time this weekend so you can be home with her!

for safe, swift, smooth deliveries.

PS - you might want to have your vets phone number on hand. I hear that Persians can experience difficult deliveries and sometimes require c-sections, due to the size of their heads. If you notice your girl in hard labor (contractions and pushing) for more than an hour, concern is necessary.

Cant wait to read of the healthy deliveries!!! And if you get a chance - we love pictures around here!
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Brilliant! Thanks you for your help thats exactly what I was after a bit of reassurance not a one sentance answer having a go at me!

Anyway As she has such long hair I have already trimmed her belly right down (not too much though so the kittens can hscratch her) and trimmed all around her bottom entrance and vagina entrance and even her long squirrel swishy tail!!
I have just noticed that where her teats have been swollen in the last couple of days they have pockets and seem to be drooping today
SHe is just lead down sleeping now and you can see her belly twitching away as the kittens move around
She must be having them soon surely???
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Originally Posted by Missyko View Post
Anyway As she has such long hair I have already trimmed her belly right down (not too much though so the kittens can hscratch her) and trimmed all around her bottom entrance and vagina entrance and even her long squirrel swishy tail!!
I have just noticed that where her teats have been swollen in the last couple of days they have pockets and seem to be drooping today
Sounds like her milk is in and that you have been reading up on how to prepare. Do you have a delivery kit ready?

I wish you all the luck! It does sound like she is close.

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Hi Guys
Missy slept with me in bed last night and is purring VERY LOUDLY I have decided to take the day off work again becasue she has a smelly brown discharge that is runny coming out of her vagina you guys think she is close? SHe is day 68 today!!!!!
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She will have anytime.
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I just read online that the smelly discharge can mean abortion?? or that a kitten is dead?
She is just resting but doesnt seem to want to leave my side. SHe is very happy for me to clean her bum and vagina (especially seeing as though when I got up this mornign there was poo all over the litter tray and up the walls!!!!!)
One question the babies now feel like really hard lumps they are moving but is this normal?
From the first signs of discharge when do you think she will give birth the vet says is she goes past tomorow then she may need a c section!!!
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I guess she didnt like the sound of that c-section
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She has had 6 and I think there maybe more I am sooooo proud of her she is the most amazing mum(as I knew she woudl be) she knew what to do and let me help wipe all 6 of them - 2 were born feet first and their heads got stuck so I helped pull them out she is knackered now and they are all gorgeous!!!!
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Congrats on the new family! We like pics! What do they look like!
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Yes, they are all gorgeous.. Well Done Missy
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Congratulations, and I'm glad it went smoothly. From the look of the mother, they're going to be beautiful cats.
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Absolutely beautiful. I have a torti who I think is either Maine Coon or Norweigein. Good luck
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Very pretty. Mom is gorgeous!!! I look forward to watching the kittens grow.
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Cute! Doesn't look much like a persian to me though. How come you're breeding her?
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My mama cat had 6, too! They are 7 weeks old today!
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