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my cat is very pregnant...

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ok, this is my first time doing anything like this...I did not even know what a thread was til
I have a pregnant kitty, she's definitely been showing for about 3 weeks or so. She's always been quite the eater for being of such small stature, so we at first thought she was just fat. But we now know she is very pregnant.
I can feel the babies move around and kick, they seem to be very active. I treat all my cats with Frontline, so fleas are not an issue.
We are guessing that she got pregnant around the first week of march, give or take. I want to make sure that I give her the best care possible. I am very open for any suggestions...I have already provided a nesting box for her, although she isn't too interested.
Her nipples are very dark pink and swollen, she cleans herself often, should I be expecting them this weekend?
Thank you to anyone that replies...
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Does she show any other signs of impending labor (nesting, restless, discharge, contractions, seperation anxiety,lactation)
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she started nesting late last she is very clingy and she won't leave my side. I haven't noticed any discharge as of yet, but she is constantly cleaning down there. I did take her temp last night, and she is right at 100 degrees. She is really big and it looks as if she is filling with milk or colostrum. Her nipples have taken on a "waxy" appearance on the tips.
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It should be soon. When my cat, Pennie, delivered almost 6 weeks ago, she was just wanting to be in her nest. I put her under my desk and rubbed her with my foot. She lost her plug right before the first one was born, and it was all over within 7 hours. Enjoy!!
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Is she on kitten food yet? If not, you might want to consider switching her over as she could use the extra calories, especially after she delivers as they definitely need more calories when they are nursing.

The clinginess is a good sign that things may be close. If you dont have her confined to a room, keep a close eye on her so she isnt having her kittens behind the refrigerator or on a high shelf somewhere. But since she is being clingy, this probably wont be an issue.

Good luck. Vibes for smooth, swift, healthy deliveries.
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Good luck with your kitty!!! Piccies are a must

I have a kitty who is going to be having kitties fairly soon too; but she is more like a week or so off yet. I can't wait though...
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thank you for the advice...i already feed science diet, will i still need to feed her kitten food? is it better and why?
she seems to be close but idk... hopefully soon, i am so anxious! even my dad asked." who's pregnant?" and i replied, " umm we both are!" lol
she's back and forth, in and out of her box, but i have now confined her to one room during the night. She has started to get mildly aggressive with the other cats in the house, especially around her box. I guess I should expect this?
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Kitten food is higher in calories. I would finish feeding her what you have now, but just switch to kitten formula when you buy your next bag. The extra calories are actually more important when they are nursing.

Yes, it is natural for mom cats to get protective and territorial. I've had fosters that wouldnt even let my resident cats on the second floor. Although I've read about members on here whose cats would "babysit" the mom's kittens. Talk about trusting! I've never seen it though, this is another reason I lock my fosters in my room until after they've delivered and acclimated to my residents.

It's too funny about your dad asking who's the preggo one! Too bad our gestation period is a lot longer! Oh well... I'd take longer gestation over kitty-diaper-duty any day!
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Well she is starting and there was a black bubble and it just popped is that normal?
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