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Congratulations, Carol! That sounds like a great way to "get your feet wet again".
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That sounds great - and don't let Katie drive the golf cart. You also may see if you can get some walking done during the day.
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What great news! How did your first day go?
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You are so great! All your encouragement really means the world to me.

First day went kinda more or less okay. The manager seems like a good guy, smart and fairminded. He's exhausted from overwork, though, and that permeates his whole demeanor. He keeps telling me how intense this business is, how complicated, how demanding... which just scares me silly, as you can imagine. I am not up for intense and complicated and demanding!

From the stories he told me, I can see that he is accustomed to dealing with employees who are not very bright, and who think halfway is good enough. So I'm hoping that, merely by being a smart cookie with a sense of responsibility, I can blow him away.

Funny thing: a man came in with a sheepish look and told us he had a big metal filing cabinet in his unit, and he accidentally locked the keys to it in the cabinet. He said, "I'm sure I'm not the first idiot in the world to do that. How do you get a thing like that open?" The manager said, "Uhhhh... locksmith?" The renter said he was hoping to avoid that expense, and he wondered if maybe a crowbar...

Meanwhile, I'm standing there waiting for someone to say "Drill the lock out," because that's what I've always heard you're supposed to do. Nobody comes up with anything more subtle than a hacksaw, so I finally say, "If you have a good sturdy drill, you can probably drill it out."

The renter seems to recognize the phrase. "Yeah, that sounds right! That's what locksmiths do anyway!"

The manager says, "Well, we should have known, ask a woman."

And I add, "I think it might require a carbide-tipped bit, though."

"Well, now you're scarin' me," says the renter, and they both laugh.

It's kinda fun to look like a girly-girl, but know some stuff too!

Anyway, so far so good. Maybe Monday I'll get to drive the golf cart! And thank you again... you guys are the best.
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Carol, I think you definitely have a handle on things. Better watch out because you may be put in charge soon! That story about the lock was too funny! Of COURSE they should have asked a woman first....silly boys.

Glad to hear your first day went well. The first few days on any new job are strange but you showed you had common sense and weren't afraid to speak your mind, even though you're the "newbie". Which says a lot about you!

Keeping my fingers crossed you get to drive to golf cart next week!
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I am so glad it went well for you. I hope this poor overworked guy appreciates what he has in you. Seems you dazzled him pretty quickly.
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Ha ha, sounds like you've already blown them away.
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That sounds like a pretty darned fine first day to me! Congratulations, Carol!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Ha ha, sounds like you've already blown them away.
I hope the manager gets a little less tense & realizes you're willing to work & aren't some dimwit!
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Thanks, guys! I'll try to adopt your attitude, instead of feeling so frightened that maybe he's right, maybe it's a great big sloppy mess of a job and I'm going to hate it.

Here's the thing: I just hate being on a learning curve. I want to know exactly what I'm doing, I want to be an EXPERT on what I'm doing, so I can do it efficiently and with confidence. But the manager is carrying all the details of this job in his head, so I can only learn as fast as he imparts it to me. He thinks it'll take two weeks! AUGH!

I'm thinking of suggesting to him that, as my first task, I work with him to create what would amount to an operations manual for the place: a detailed listing and description of every single thing that has to happen every day, every week, every month, etc. Also a calendar that prompts all the repeating tasks, like late-fee notices and sales reports and so forth. If I can assemble a good comprehensive manual, then (a) I will have learned the job in the process, and (b) I'll have a manual to refer to!

Interesting, though... one day on the job and I'm already trying to turn it into something that involves writing and graphics. I yam what I yam, I guess.
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You sound just like me. I too, need to know EXACTLY what Im doing in order to have that confidence. I guess most people would, too.

I would be coming up with the manual idea too, just to get it organized and keep it that way.

Hopefully, this guy will realize your value.
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Sounds like me too! Sometimes I drive my family crazy and often have to remind myself that I dont have to run everything and that I'm not the only capable person in this world (as hard as that is to believe sometimes )

I'm glad you had a great first day and hope it continues to go well!

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glad things seems to be off to a good start.
but the real question is..

did you try golf cart racing yet hehe
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
glad things seems to be off to a good start.
but the real question is..

did you try golf cart racing yet hehe
Dont give her any ideas!

My brother got banned from a golf course once for drunk-cart-driving. Him and his friend actually tipped the cart making a turn while going too fast.

It would be funny is he wasnt such a doofus!
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Carol, I think the manual sounds wonderful! You can always present the idea as a way to decrese the boss's stress level as he won't have to carry everything in his head.
Sounds like a fun job IMO.
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