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Benefit of adopting 2 kittens

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Hi All...

My fiance and i decided to adopt 2 kittens instead of 1... we already have a very cat-friendly dog and the kittens were previously socialized with dogs... I keep seeing people say in posts how it is better to adopt 2 rather than just 1 kitten... iwas just curious... other than the kittens being able to play with eachother and helping them adjust... are their other benefits to raising 2 kittens rather than 1?
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Kittens learn from each other. This is one of the greatest benefits I have noticed! We have three that we took in off the street, and it is great how when one kitten 'gets' something, the others all immediately 'get' it as well. Obviously, ours weren't litter trained so I trained one (Paddington, who has always been the most friendly) and he essentially trained the others. Also, like I said, ours were former feral kittens, so it is a bit of an extreme example (yours will obviously be socialised!), but they have learned from each other it is okay to be pet by us. Our girl kitten was the first to allow us to do this, and then Paddington got jealous and he allowed us to get right in there as well. It is funny - two months later, you would never have known that they were former ferals and I attribute this speed in socialisation to the fact that they have each other. They feel comfortable, they learn from each other and they never get bored because they have each other to play with.

I would definitely recommend getting two. It is so good to provide them with companionship. A lot of behavioural problems can come from boredom as well. And there is nothing sweeter than seeing two kittens curled up on your bed for a kitten slumber party!
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Cats are social animals, if the cat isn't other cat aggressive, they just naturally do better in pairs.

Besides, they like to be in pairs because then they can be twice as naughty!
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I always figure its good to have someone around who speaks your language. I know when Seb was a lone cat for a year, he was depressed and just slept all day. He gained weight and was basically unhappy. Adopting Daphne was so good for him

My mother's cat, Pookie, is 15 years old. She weighs maybe 5 lbs but rules with an iron paw Of all the cats she's lived with over the years, she hasn't really appeared to "like" any of them. But when they leave, she misses them greatly.

Please do get two. They will be so happy together. Just think of the great photo ops you'll have
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Although Bijou and Mika remind me of Cato and Clousseau (Pink Panther fame) sometimes and I think they are playing too rough, the next minute I'll find them cuddled up together sleeping or grooming each other in preparation for sleep. These 2 cats are my first experience with more than one cat at a time and it's been wonderful to have them together. It just happened for us, our daughter moved back home with her cat so we didn't really have a choice but it's been wonderful. Of course I've told her that should she move out again Mika must stay with us.
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Check out this article - 10 reasons why 2 kittens are better than 1! http://cats.about.com/od/wheretoadop...twokittens.htm

I just got 2 kittens, and I honestly don't think I'd ever just get one again (I'm hoping that that is not an issue for a very, very long time). They do everything together - eat, sleep, play, get into trouble! I don't worry about them as much when they are alone throughout the day because I know they have each other. One the day I brought them home, they were both a little nervous, but they stuck together like glue and adjusted. I believe much quicker than they would have had either of them been alone. Little Belle would put her paw on Delilah to make sure she was there with her.

Reason # 11: Photo opportunities - Pictures of one kitten might be cute, but there's nothing like a cuddling kitten picture!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Cats are social animals, if the cat isn't other cat aggressive, they just naturally do better in pairs.

Besides, they like to be in pairs because then they can be twice as naughty!
lol, that was the part that made me want 2... lol double the kitties ,,, double fun!
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When I lost my cat Oliver I decided to get one of my neighbors kittens. She was 8 weeks old. I brought little Sophie home and she just cried and cried and refused to eat and didn't even use the litter box for a day. I went back the next day and got her sister Olive and they were both so happy after that.
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