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Oh, and I almost forgot - the word "hybrid" is really just a fancy name for mixed breed, when used with domestic cats. They are usually as fertile as any other cat. I remember being a kid, and a breeder near my home had "Abyssinian hybrid" kittens available. Turns out her Aby boy got loose and bred her siamese female. The kittens all looked like abys (ticked tabby being dominant and Siamese pointed being recessive, but that's another story!), but they were simply Aby siamese mixes. Cute as a button too!

Mabye matings of different species (like lions and tigers) would produce sterile offspring (as in the case with mules - being horse x donkey crosses - they are sterile), but I am not familiar with things outside of purebred cats! Although to make things complicated, I know that Bengals originated from crosses between domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cats - two different species as well. Go figure!

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Thanks for sharing, Cathy.. i just learnt something new... :flash: sharings...

Cheers to you!
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The first 3 generations of Bengals are hybrids.
Males ar never fertial but females can be.
I have a third generation female who is very fertial.
She has had 2 litters both litters had 6 kittens in the litter.
Now usually first 3 generations only have 1 or 2 kittens but she had 6 both times.

She is reg. as a bengal not a mixed cat.
So I would not call it a fancy name for a mixed cat.
She is a cross with a bengal and an Asian Leopard Cat.
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Hi Nicole:

Well, you certainly taught me a thing or two However, when I referred to Bengals, my key word was "originated" as a hybrid. Is that right? If not, please correct me, as I am always willing to learn! I never said "Bengal" was a fancy name for a mixed breed! I am sorry you misunderstood me. You seem very knowledgable - how long have you been breeding? Bengals certainly are beautiful cats!

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Hi Cathy

You are correct.As that the first 3 generations of Bengal and Asian Leopard are hybrids. At least TICA says this. Other cat organizations say they are a domestic.IPBAC is one who says domestic.

[quote]Originally posted by CathyG

I never said "Bengal" was a fancy name for a mixed breed! I am sorry you misunderstood me.

I know you didn't but we Bengal breeders are having a hard time with some others thinking this way. We also have some who think ALL Bengals are hybrids. It was not directed at you just info for anyone who this reads as it is a public forum.

[quote]Originally posted by CathyG

You seem very knowledgable - how long have you been breeding?

Thank you!
I am a new Bengal breeder but I do my best to educate myself and work with my mentor. I have been studying Bengals for 2 years and I am about to have our first litter in our cattery name in the next few weeks. We have only had one other litter and it was in my mentors cattery name.
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i truly enjoy learning from both of you, Cathy and Nicole.

It is so interesting to learn yet another breed. THANKS for sharing!

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