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Just need some positive vibes for Morgan

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First of all, why I'm not there. I'm living 4 hours away from my animals. Everyone is moving up here next Wednesday to a new apt. My fiance has all the animals as I can't have my cats here with the dogs that my roommates have.

Anyways... back to Morgan. She's been looking dreary for a while, I attributed that to the mold in our apt. I wanted to move her up here 2 weeks ago when I noticed her nose was bleeding but I couldn't.
Today I get a panicked phone call saying "Morgans puking up blood",so now I'm all worried because I'm not there and can't get home as with moving costs, that isn't in my budget. Neither is a vet for that matter but she's going first thing in the morning.
Just need some positive thoughts for my baby. I'm so worried about her.
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I hope she will be ok.
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Sending Morgan healing vibes
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Poor girl.
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Well after a long sleepless night for me (worrying and my roommates had a party), I asked how she was doing dreading the worse. Apparently her colour is back and she's begging for food. Mikes going to take her to the vet and see what she says.
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Sending lots of vibes
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Hope the vet has good news.
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Well good news, she should be okay. They want to do further tests on her, but I'm going to get those done once we get them moved up to Port Elgin and into our new apartment. Mike couldn't pronounce the meds she was given, but one is a liquid to help protect her stomach and one is a pill which she's been given before, I assume its a antibiotic.
My poor baby, I just want to give her a hug. She's also been given the vets food, I assume Science Diet ro something along those lines.
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