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Vibes for family members

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2 of my uncles aren't doing well at all
They're both in Kentucky and I haven't seen them for a long time.
I got word tonight that they're not doing well.
My Uncle Bobby is in the hospital. He has pnuemonia, and they also found blood in his stools and he's a heavy smoker to boot
The Dr. said they were going to run some tests on him and we'll know in a couple days what's going on.

My other Uncle Danny had and accident at work.
He works for Schwan Foods and a couple weeks ago while he was stocking some shelves in a grocery store, the shelf behind him fell on him.
He was rushed to the hospital for stitches and a broken collar bone.
He had to go back to the Dr several times because he has had dizziness, nausea, blindness in his right eye, numbness in his fingertips and lots of other things. He's thinking about suing the store for medical and damages

Oh, and my son Justice had 3 stitches in his finger last Saturday night.
He decided to try and cut a rawhide bone in 2 so the dogs wouldn't fit over it.
He was supposed to be in bed
He goes Tuesday for them to remove the stitches.

On the bright side, I love my new job! I am still managing the park but I have an assistant manager now who is a SAHM and she does all the cleaning and painting and I take care of the paper work
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Awww vibes for your Uncles What the heck Justice So glad you love your JOB
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TONS of vibes headed your way girl!!!
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to your uncles~~

any updates on uncle Bobby??

I am so glad you love your new job!!!
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