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The new vet

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So I took Popsie to a different vet yesterday. I know someone who takes her cats there and she like them. Pospie seemed less stressed there and they even had a fish tank in the room. He hates being up on the exam table so I let him walk around a bit. I could have done that at his old vet but I wouldn't feel comfortable. The guy that saw Popsie was really nice. He spent a lot of time with us to make sure all my questions were answered and he explained things thoroughly. We were there for almost an hour. His other vet always seemed to rush it. This new vet charges a bit more but I think it's worth it.
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Excellent! They say you get what you pay for.
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That's wonderful! It's great to have a vet that you trust. It took a lot of searching for us to find a vet we were happy with too. He's excellent with the animals, takes plenty of time with his patients, is very good with people (rare in vets around here) and the best part is he actually has the cheapest prices around
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Yes I too am willing to pay a bit more for better service ... a vet is a service
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we took our cat for a day of testing to a big vet clinic in ottawa thats supposed to be reaaally the end of the day and after $1500 we went to pick him up, we said "hi we're here for oscar." and the girl said "IS THAT THE SHITSU???" sometimes i guess money doesnt equal good service.
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My Vet is more expensive but they were Voted the number one Vet in the Valley.
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I sympathize with you, Oscarthecat. I took my 12-yr old cat in for her yearly physical and shots. My appointment was for 10am.....she was weighed before 10am...the Vet came in on time...gave her the shot.....and I was back in the car...paid for the visit, put Phoebe back in her carrier....all by 10:15am !!!!! And, the gals out at the desk were talking so loud (non-business chatter)..that I could hardly hear what the Vet was saying. Also, last year I spent $445 to have her teeth cleaned...faithfully bought his recommended food at $40 a bag.......but had to ask him to check her teeth. He leaned over (he was already sitting down writing in her chart) and lifted up her lip...and said..her teeth were fine.

I think it's time for me to find a new Vet. I hope they're not insulted when I have my cat's files transferred.

I've been using them for 18 years.....I think they're just too busy....or disorganized....and yet..they're very kind when one of my cat's passes away. It will be hard to leave them...but my cats deserve better attention than that.
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My cats have a regular vet and a holistic vet. The holistic vet helps me with preventive care and the regular I use for acute care. I have been to several before finding ones that I trust. I want someone through and who loves animals. I want ones that return my calls and have a clean facility.
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I just had an experience with my old vet which I would like to share.

My 6 month old kitten went in for her spa surgery and two days later, she was peeing outside her box and I noticed blood in her urine.

She was brought back to the clinic the next day and since the resident vet was on vacation, a different vet tended her. Did a urinalysis and culture test and she was sent home without medications.

The next day, her incision site got infected and I found a lump. I brought her to the ER as the vet was closed. She got some shots and was released.

When the test came back from the clinic, yet another vet saw her and prescribed Clamavox but she did not give me a diagnosis. Just brush it off as stress from surgery.

Her condition did not improve even while on medication and I decided to take her to a feline exclusive specialist. He is the most caring and patient vet ever. Maybe because he specializes in feline medicine, he is more knowledgeable.

He implied that her FLUTD was a result of the spay surgery as kitten this young normally does not develop FLUTD with onset symptoms. He also noticed her smaller than usual bladder and speculated that the first vet could have traumatized her bladder during surgery.

She was given subQ to curb dehydration and help flush out whatever is bugging her. None of the vet who saw her at the clinic felt her condition warrant better diagnosis, care and treatment.

And all this happend within the last week and now. It has been a very tiring and taxing time for the both of us.

I believe in the importance of finding yourself a competent vet. Trust your gut. Sometimes, your instinct acts before your head. I am glad I acted early. I am never going back to the first vet, who btw, is still happily on vacation, completely oblivious of what he had done to my little girl.
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