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Pizza and popcorn

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I've been craving them like crazy latley. Every once and awhile I'll get like this and crave a certain food (usually two) for like a month or two. Last year around this time it was nacho cheese doritos and mini chocolate donuts. (not together) I normally don't care for popcorn that much but I can't get enough right now.
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MMM, sounds good to me!
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Pizza and popcorn may be a bit of a salt craving. I get that sometimes. Ironically I had pizza earlier, too. DH and I took a couple of frozen cheese pizzas and added chicken, onions, fresh mushrooms, and diced tomatoes to it. There's still a couple pieces left in the fridge...hmm.
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I always have salt cravings...I might have popcorn right now!
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Now I Crave Pop Corn. I will have some later.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I always have salt cravings...
Always? Are they very intense ones where you feel like you must have salt? If so, that isn't exactly normal and you might want to have that checked out.

I have them sometimes because my body is trying to keep my blood volume up.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
MMM, sounds good to me!
yeh, same here!
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pizza always sounds good to me
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
pizza always sounds good to me
And there are so many ways to make it! Pizza is the perfect food.
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Yum now I want popcorn. Maybe tomorrow night though, its 12:40am and I don't want to eat this late.
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Sounds good but I'm fixing tuna casserole tomorrow night for dinner. Hopefully it'll turn out okay cause I haven't cooked in awhile.
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Mmmmm popcorn!
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i am having this thing with cherries at the moment, cherry crumble, cheery pies, cherry pastries. HMM CHERRY! im going to get one in my lunch break this afternoon...
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Yesterday at work, I started having a serious craving for pot roast. I mean, as in my mouth was literally watering! Could have something to do with not having breakfast yesterday (no, I'm NOT pregnant!)

I made one about a month ago and accidently set the oven at 225 instead of 325 for the first 2 hours. After I realized it was taking forever to get done, I turned it up, but it was the BEST pot roast I ever had! It just fell apart! And, yes, I have a crock pot, but it's too small for a whole roast so I just cook them in the oven. But, I think I'm going to do that again...only put it in much earlier so we can eat at a decent time!

I normally just use pepper, garlic salt, oregano and thyme on the roast,and put in baby carrots, cut potatoes and onions (think I'm going to use pearl onions this time) and lots of water. Oh, and whorshtershire sauce. Any other suggestions?
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