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Thursday DT

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Well as everyone know's we are at war,lets just pray it is over quickly.
Today I am getting a new internet servicer Road Runner,so my e-mail adderss will change,I will update my usercp it when it is done.
Ted has a job interview later today,fingers and toes ae crossed!
No snow still,Thank God,40* today.
Everyone try to have a nice day!
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I get to go drive around in the wind, and rain today, it's cooold outside, though it's suppose to be 70 tomorrow.
Gotta check out a daycare and drop off some more paper work, joys of joys, *I'm not awake yet*
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sherral, positive thoughts going your way for Ted's interview - let us know how he does!
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Pearl woke me up, at 3:00 a.m., needing to "go". After putting her out, I stumbled back to the couch (still don't have an extra bed) and dozed off. At 4:30, Rowdy and Opie decided that it would be a good idea to wrestle on top of me. Thank goodness, Bill was up and had the coffee ready!

Catching up on the overnight news, of course. Hope this thing will be over with, quickly.

I will be glad when this full moon wanes. Rowdy is being particularly obnoxious, this month. Opie is even feeling the effects. He's NEVER naughty and, the past couple of days, he's been into everything!

At least, our warm, dry weather is back. It'll bake the ache out of my joints.

Have a good one.
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Good morning! This morning at 5:30, Ivo decided to have a real big attack of the kitty crazies. When I got up to see what she was getting into, she ran to the door and begged to go out. I just ignored her and went back to bed. I expected to see a great deal of "damage", but all she really managed to do was push both throw rugs across the living room. But, it's OK that she woke me up, I had to get in early for lab meeting. My boss was wearing a bit too much cologne-I can still smell and even taste it Its a little cloudy today, but it's actually pretty. And, it's still on the warmish side. So, only 2 days 'til the weekend.

Sherral, I hope Ted's interview goes well. Sending good luck vibes your way.

Everyone have a good day!
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Good Thursday, everyone!

i tossed and turned in bed all night... finally got myself out of bed about 4am. i find the unrests very upsetting.

Here in San Francisco, someone jumped over the Golden Gate bridge in protest of the war. In downtown SF, thousands have been rallying against the war for about a week. The police are intending to seal off the financial district once again. Last evening, over the news, Danny Glover (he lives in SF) spoke against the war.

In San Francisco, the liberty operation is alerted, meaning, they will step on inspections on the Golden Gate and other bridges and highways. Also, the coast guards are performing more inspections.

Baghdad is 11 hours ahead, and i kept wondering what is in the mind of each military personnel? i pray for them and their family.

Apparently, oil prices have dropped for the first time this morning, and dow and nasdaq futures were trading down.

i wish and pray this war will stop, but i think i suspect it will last for 1 year or so.

Hope all is having a great Thursday.
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i am not in such a great mood today... for obvious reasons (the war) and some others. i hope i can speak openly here, because i can't anywhere else. not at home and definately not at work. i feel like i am carrying around a big nasty secret -- and according to my coworkers it would be.

i don't know who or what i am praying to right now. as many of you know, i work at a church. which is really difficult when you question the existance of god on a daily basis. i daiy listen to what wonderful things god has done in everyone's lives and all the wonderful things they have done and so on. and i see such hypocrisy. and when i try to talk about it, i hear i have a heart issue. instead of trying to help me work through this heart issue, i get a whole -- just deal with it attitude. this is supposed to be such a great church. we are so "on fire" and yet i see such spiritual arrogance, i can't take it.

i sincerely hope i don't offend anyone and i hope i don't turn anyone from god who might be seeking him. i want to be the great christian everyone here seems to be, but i don't know what to think anymore, especially with what is going on the world.

i'm sorry for this post. i don't want to sound like a whiner, but i can't talk to my family or friends on this.
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(((((((( Jan ))))))))

I grew up in the Lutheran church and went every Sunday. My grandmother was very, very religious. We would go pick her up and then go to church.

Then the time came for me to prepare for Confirmation. I said no. Of course I went through many frustrating talks and discussions with my family. But I felt, that I was only going to be confirmed because my grandmother wanted it, I wasn't listening to what I wanted. I saw early on many of the things you are now describing.

Today, I would call myself more spiritual than religious. Personally, I don't believe you have to go to church every Sunday to be a good and valuable person on this earth. Your everyday actions speak volumes. I pride myself on my daily actions, and know that a higher power will not condemn me because I am listening to what is in my own heart.

It's too easy a path to just follow along with everyone else or what other's expect of you. It is a much harder, but in my view rewarding path to do what is right for your own soul.

Again, these are my views and opinions on this subject. Auburn, never apologize for your own thoughts on a subject. If a person is being led away from God by your comments they have much more happening in their lives than just the influence of your words. You have a right to have your opinion, don't ever diminish it by apologizing.

I have been very reflective over the last few weeks. I came to the conclusion that now, more than ever, it's important to hold on to what you believe in even when it goes against the majority.


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thank you for your words, kass. it's hard because i chose this religion and a job that ties me to it. of course i can be fired for deciding not be a christian. in these times i am terrified not to believe what i am taught here everyday, but i am struggling to understand what it means in my life. right now, you guys are my anchor because i can be perfectly honest with you and you accept it. i always wondered how people got so caught up in internet relationships. now i know. maybe it's because it is "safe" or maybe it's because i have found people i really respect and feel i can be honest with. i have had friends like that before, but because of moving, i drifted away from them. thank you everyone for being who you are. i will quit now because i am on the verge of tears and likely to get really sappy.
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Originally posted by Auburn412
....i will quit now because i am on the verge of tears and likely to get really sappy.
Awwww...but we love sappy Hallmark moments!!

I'm glad you feel comfortable in venting Jan. It's better to vent than to keep it locked in!

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Jan - I can feel your pain in this horrible predicament (sp) you are in. I feel that it is important to go with what is in your heart, and not what you are being told should be in your heart. Being a Christian doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't question your faith. Christianity gives you the freedom to question on your journey. I am Catholic, and there are things that my church teaches that I disagree with (eg views on homosexuals), but I have the intrinsic base faith of peace, love and hope. They nourish me in these times as I know that when we were given free will, then we had to be able to answer for our actions. The people involved in this war will one day have to answer for their actions, but it may not be on this plane of existance! I don't mean to sound preachy, I just want to say, you have every right to feel as you feel.

Sherral - I hope that Ted's interview goes well.
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oh gosh - buried in my own melodrama - i missed the part about ted's interview... i hope it goes well. is this part of the interview the other day or a new one entirely?
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Snowed in again today. The snow has stopped but I have snow about 7 feet long 2 feet deep behind my car. I guess I'll have to dig out sometime today. Nothing has been plowed yet so right now the only vehicles getting out at 4x4s, and even they are having a hard time. Actually, I just looked outside and a plow is trying to do the lot across the street. He got stuck!

Sherral, hoping Ted's interview goes well.

Poh, I just can't understand what goes through these protesters' minds. Really, what is jumping off a bridge, possibly to your own death, going to do to change the minds of anyone? Just a totally foreign way of thinking to me I guess. I don't mean that as a slam against them, I just truly don't understand it.

Jan, (((((HUGS))))) I totally understand what you are going though. I've been there myself, wanting so badly to believe, but, but, but..... Like Kass, I eventually chose my path outside of the church. I will tell you that when I first started really doubting, I asked my pastor about it and he told me it is normal to have doubts. God won't hate you because you have doubts, He's the one who gave us free will. Jeanie and I have talked about religion, and her comment about the hypocrites and arrogance you see was "Don't judge God by His people." She's a pretty smart lady. Regardless of the path you choose, and even if you choose not to share any decisions you make, we are always here to support you. We love you just for being Jan, nothing more nothing less.
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I've been sooo sick these past two weeks (best diet I've been on in a long time - I lost 10 lbs!)

I finally able to breath!

Dr said I have pneumonia.....

I've been on bed rest since March 7th.... (man my butt is sore from laying around)

Today, I'm working from home..... I have 356 e-mails - UGH!!!!!!!!!!!
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lizza! i have been wondering about you! i was getting ready to chase down some aliens .

hope you are feeling better soon!

ps. good luck with the emails. yikes!
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lizza, pass on some of that weight loss magic to me
jan, i can understand you feeling that way, i know i do. but i love ya anyway! (kahu told me he does too)
watching the tv has made me very tired and so i went to bed, and i dreamed that i was stalked by the dell guy who then shot me in the side of the neck and then kept sitting outside my apartment. of course, when i woke up, i had to look outside to make sure.
i hope this is over soon.
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Lizza, I noticed your absence but thought that Jack was just keeping you too busy!! Or the graphics police took you away!!!

As you know I was sick before, not fun and you get stircrazy in that bed! Positive vibes for a recovery, but I don't think the vibes will help with all those emails!

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Originally posted by Lhezzza

Today, I'm working from home..... I have 356 e-mails - UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

WoooooooooooHoooooooooo! Probably all new Avatars for us!!!! *ahem*

Glad you are back. Hope your butt feels better soon! lol
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what! the graphics police are after lizza, too! kass. this has to stop. call off the garda! people need cat art! :LOL:
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Originally posted by Auburn412
what! the graphics police are after lizza, too! kass. this has to stop. call off the garda! people need cat art! :LOL:

I never said you were stalking me or to stop with the cat art!!!! All I said was that I had no comment to your fascination to Nakita. That's all I said!!!! I think it was katl8e or Heidi who said you were stalking or to take legal proceedings should it get any further!!!!

I didn't tell anyone to stop with the graphics. I actually collected them....come look...in this folder on my computer. Ok, you can't look, but it's here, honest! I swear on Nakita, her breeder, the Dell tech guy who fixes my computer problems.

I no longer want to be branded the evil cat graphics auditor....wwhaaaa!

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ah - a misunderstanding to be sure. if you are okay with it, then let the nakita festivities begin! (i need a distraction -- our server is down right now and i can get online, but not to my files.)
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Go wild my friend!

But don't blame me if the other cats on this site stage a rebellion insisting their egos are bruised!
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i was considering to incorporate opie art into my profile, but i have very few shots to work with. alas, my own cats will not stand for the camera very well. (and i don't have a digital camera unless i borrow it.)
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Jan, i feel for your predicament/position now. i feel that wherever there is people, there is bound to be problems. That is how imperfection works, i guess. Hope you will have a good day at work, nonetheless.

Often, Jan, if something bothers me, no matter how small or big, i just say a little prayer. For example, just the other day, i prayed for a parking spot when i was on my way to grocery shopping, and lo and behold, i found a convenient spot, i thanked God, gratefully! Indeed, the power of prayers!

Heidi, i agree with you. i was sharing with a friend that this 44-year old chap's jumping-over-Golden Gate-bridge action is both mad and futile! Even if President Bush was to know his deed, he won't barge an inch!

i just bathed the two kitties, and they exhausted me! They smell really clean and fresh.

Gotta get back to household chores now. i tell you, this site is SO ADDICTING.. hehe! You know, folks.. i feel much better now.. i feel comforted that others are sharing similar sentiments.. thanks y'all~!

Take care and God bless!

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Originally posted by Auburn412
i was considering to incorporate opie art into my profile, but i have very few shots to work with. alas, my own cats will not stand for the camera very well. (and i don't have a digital camera unless i borrow it.)
Eek! Now, she's after MY cat! Is there no end to this woman's nefarious schemes?
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but he's so gorgeous! would you deny him his chance for proper glory!?

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Hey everyone, I have to work today *groan*, uh...I mean *yay!*

I turned on the t.v. when I woke up to see what's new and now I feel very nauseous , I had to turn it off. I didn't think the war would affect me this way. I can't even think about it without feeling those familiar tummy rumblings.

My digital camera doesn't seem to be working, I had a bunch of new pics of my kitties sitting in the sun that I wanted to share with you all, but the darn thing isn't loading . Typical

ok, I hope you all have a safe and warm productive day. I have to clean this house, what a pigsti! (sp?) :tounge2:
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Tamme - hope those pics load - we want to see them!

Lizza - hope you get better soon. We've missed you.

Sherral - hope that interview went well! Sorry I didn't get here in time to send positive vibes along before the interview.

Jan - I'm sorry to hear you're so upset and distressed. I'm glad you feel safe posting and sharing here. That's what we're here for - to be ears and shoulders (among many other things). I think it's healthy to question your faith some times, painful though it often is. Anyone can have blind faith. No matter what happens, you'll come out stronger for it, I'm sure of that. Just make sure to create some quiet time. Praying or meditating for guidance or understanding - and not immediately needing answers - will help you find what your heart hears.
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The interview went good,but it is a 3 teir interview,she is sending him on to the next step.It is at Home Depot. Please keep sending postive thoughts!We need him to start working!Thank you Sherral
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you are all great! so very encouraging! it's very heartening to know that you can say something without people getting terribly alarmed about it.

and of course, nakita art always makes me feel better. now if i could get some more opie pictures...

but, then there's always that spooky picture i have on my computer at home...

sherral - any word yet on the interview? keeping my fingers crossed!
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