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I'm gonna have to keep Gulliver and Spot separated

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I added Gulliver to our house almost 2 weeks ago.

He loves everyone and wants to play with everyone.
Spot, the existing Calico, hates him.

I keep them in separate rooms when I'm not home, but I'm going to keep them separated full time for a while now.
Spot seems to be having a nervous breakdown.
Gulliver just wont leave her alone; ever.
He also will run up and jump on her to try and play. This freaks her out.

This morning Spot had an accident.
She acted very depressed and dispirited.
After about an hour of separation, she blossomed back up.
With Gulliver out of the room she is back to seeking attention and purring on my lap.

I hope they can get along eventually!
I think there is some hope as Gulliver now lets me sleep without waking me up all night!
Maybe he will tone down his interest in bothering her as well over time.
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And maybe she'll come to appreciate him (you never know)!
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DId you do introductions? You may just have to start over with introductions and take it at a very slow pace.

I hope Spot feels better about her new brother soon.
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Yeah, I will try again much slower.

They are both so friendly individually, that I though I would get lucky with a fast intro!

I'm using the food dishes on each side of the door and bed swapping methods now.

The vet wasn't too happy with the idea of putting vanilla or any other scent on the cats.
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Still no luck!

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I am going through the same thing right now. I got my new kitten, Gator around the same time as you and my 5 year old long haired calico, Marley hates him! I guess I would hate him too since he attacks her all of the time. I think it's just kitten behaivor and he wants to play constantly. It's been a month now and it is getting better. He attacks her about 50% less now than he did a month ago (and he stopped attacking me as much now as well). I think he's finally learning what the word "no" means. Have you tried using a squirt gun when he pester's Spot? A squirt gun has really helped Gator learn what's considered "bad" behaivor. Although he really likes water and doesn't mind being squirted, he finally now realizes that he's behaiving badly when he gets a little squirt.
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i am SOOO glad i didnt have this problem. i tried to do the proper introduction thing, since Mittens was really freaked out when we brought her here, & when she realized there was another cat here too. but my bfs mom doesnt listen to me & keep her bedroom door closed. it didnt take too long for Mittens to come around & get used to the house & Monster. He was just curious when we brought her home, & then he realized she was a potential playmate, & at first Mittens didnt want anything to do with playing or with him, but now theyre bffs.
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A spray bottle seems to be unpopular with today's cat fanciers.
I admit that I have been using it to get Gully's attention when they are out together!

I have been putting them together for an hour or so twice a week.

After being sprayed 2-5 times, Gulliver settles down.
If Spot runs, he will chase her, though!

What's crazy is that I borrow my parent's Shi-Tzu now and then and Gulliver LOVES playing with her!
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One of the reasons it is unpopular is because any water getting into the cats ear can cause a serious infection. It also can cause distrust between you and the kitty. I dont have an alternative though, I just know that that approach can have consequences.
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