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kitten coloring

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Do Kittens ever change color as they mature? I have just adopted a kitten who has black head and legs and his body is kind of a dark chocolate color. I know that he had a sister who is part siamese. Will he stay this color or will he change over time?

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He will probably change. But if its a burmese/siamese type of cat, you may always notice this color difference.

I'd take pictures as he grows up to see if there are color changes (like every 2-3 weeks). How old is the kitten now?
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They told me he is 5 weeks, but he looks more like 7 weeks to me. I am also adopting his sister, who has more of the siamese coloring. I won't bring her home until tuesday after she gets spayed. They both have kind of wooly coats, not slick like some cats... I would say they are medium haired.
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Once you get some pictures of them, post them so we can see! They both sound like dolls. IMO in the future you should make sure the kittens are at least 8 weeks old so they can get proper socialization...thanks you for making sure they're spayed/neutered though!
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I will post pictures when I get her. I agree about waiting until they are older, but they were being sent to Petsmart today! I just had to save them from all of those crazy people! It was love at first sight.

They are so incredibly wonderful, they purr the instant you touch them, and love cuddles! I'm so happy they are new members of our crazy animal family!
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That will help a lot adopting littermates. Better then getting single kittens and taking them from mom/siblings before 10-12 weeks old.

Cocoalilly - the IDEAL time to separate from mom and siblings is 10-12 weeks; 12-16 is even better. 8 weeks old is still too young. They need socialization and behavior time with mom and siblings the first 10 weeks for a mentally healthy kitten. Its more then just using a litter pan and eating solid foods. Many kittens will nurse up to 8-10 weeks old.
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