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I need HELP!

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We have 5 cats, 4 are strictly indoor, 1 is in and out at her choosing not ours! I'm having a real problem with one of our female cats peeing on things. She will pee on anything that is left sitting for too long, especially plastic bags no matter where they are. It's almost like she's spraying everything, but I'm not sure why. My husband is at his limit with it and I'm fighting to keep her, it makes the other cats want to do it also. They are all fixed and litter boxes are scooped twice a day. What can I do?
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Firstly, keep plastic bags away from all the cats. They can get them caught on their necks. Cats tend to like the bags but shouldn't have access to them, at least unsupervised. I fold my plastic bags and tuck them into an empty tissue box for a neat/tidy storage. When I do the litter I just pop one out and because they are folded and tucked into the box, the cats aren't obsessed with them.

Has your cat been tested for a UTI (Urinary tract infection)? If this is fairly recent behaviour, my guess would be that she has an infection which often causes this type of peeing outside the litter box. Naturally if the other kitties smell the urine they will also start peeing there as well.

How many litterboxes do you have? Do you have enough boxes for the number of kitties using them?

You will need to use an enzyme cleaner to get all trace of urine out of the areas where she has peed inappropriately so she and the others cannot smell the urine and go back there to pee.

Get her vet checked first to rule out an infection.
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