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Introducing myself and Cagney...Lily joining soon *G*

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Visited this site for the first time tonight looking for an answer to a problem I'm having introducing my new kitten Lily to my 2 1/2 year old Queen Cagney, and now here I sit...3 hours later...still transfixed to my monitor! :eye&mouth I think I've found a new favorite site, and possibly a few new friends...thanks!
Hers a pic of my girl Cagney, no pics of Lily yet as I only got her 2 days ago...(already took 6 pics of her though...pathetic huh?) She looks like a mini version of Cagney, without the white slash on her nose...will try to get pics of them together...if Cagney ever lets her get close enuff...
See you all soon,
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Welcome! Glad to have you here with us and I hope you keep enjoying the site.

I'm moving this thread to the lounge so you can get a proper welcome
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what a great photo!!!! what a beautiful girl!

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Welcome Cleo

i know exactly what you're saying, the first time i came here, it
felt like home instantly, and i never left

everyone here is wonderful, i'm sure you'll love it here just as
much as all of us do :angel2:

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What a beautiful kitty! Hope to hear more from you and see more pics!
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Welcome Cleo!! What a great picture!! I love looking at those great action shots!!
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Well, my queen Cagney has flown the coop!
I'm realy not sure why, am thinking one of 3 things, if not a combination of all?
1. she didn't want the new kitten Lily around.
2. she wasnt allowed on the balcony for a week due to them resurfacing it and is now out seeing the world.
3. we just moved here in early March, and she can't find her way home.

I let her out on the balcony (3rd floor) and she jumped onto the roof, she is an indoor cat and I fear she isn't able to find her way home, that is...if she wants to with Lily here now. I hope she isn't so upset that she won't return?

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, and all prayers are warmly welcomed,
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Oh, almost forgot, I put up flyers with her picture (the one at the beginning of this post), am hoping someone will see her and contact me.
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I love the picture, Cleo looks simular to my cat Buttons. I hope you find your kitty soon, my prayers are with you!
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I'm sure she will return after seeing a little bit of the world. my thoughts & prayers will be with you

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First Welcome to the site. Second, I know what you are going through. My cat Andy has been missing since 5/14. I will pray for the safe return of Cagney. You will find a lot of support on this site. All of the people are wonderful.

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Welcome!! I have a black & white kitty too. Great picture.
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I hope everyone find their kittys soon. It makes me to think that they are missing. Wherever they may be here's and to watch over them until their safe return. Prayers go out to you.
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Great picture of Cagney, she is almost identical to my kitten Socki and I have a picture of him standing like that too. It's is so cute.
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