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Argg, annoying people

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DH has a couple of friends that call constanly. I mean several times a day, every day. One of them, if he gets the machine at home, will call my cell looking for DH. I am not a secretary. DH just got home from his friends and the guy is already calling. I'm thinking, Steve just left, what could his friend be calling for now? Does anyone else have this problem?
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Uhm no. Perhaps you should just politely ask them not to call you so often? Explain that although they're great to talk to, you're actually really busy and you can't really spend all day picking up a phone to chat with them!
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OMG my DH has 2 people like this and it drives me nuts!! One of them is not as bad but sometimes I have to finally tell DH loud enough for them to hear "It's my time now, please tell so & so your wife is getting b-tchy. The guy who is worst, I think my husband is his only friend. I know his wife & him don't get along very well. I don't know how to stop it, except hide his phone or "accidently" turn it off.
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id change the answer phone too "__(his name_& your name)___ are in at the moment but avoiding you! now stop caliing the phone or well be forced too change the number thankyou"
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My brothers friends keep the phone ringing all day and even call late at night around 2-3am. Some people are just so rude.
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