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Funny cat!

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I have heard of laserlight's but could not find one,my grandson got a hold of one and he gave it to me.I turned it on tonight for my cat's,They loved it!it was so funny watching them chase it,and trying to run up the wall!I about wet myself laughing!For a couple of minutes,I forget about the war.My youngest one [Grayski] was the funnest!I wish I had a video cammera[sp]!I was I had one of these before.
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I've wanted to try one of those things so bad! I think Trent would love it. Wish you had a video camera too Sherral!
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my boss and a few friends came to my house while i was on my honeymoon... my boss was playing with his laser pointer to tease ed. ed apparently chased the light up the stairs to the landing and -- thump -- ed goes right into the wall. i have never let my boss forget that.
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heidi, you can buy laser pointers at office depot - we looked all over the place and finally found them there - they are locked up, you have to ask them.
my cats love them!!!!
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I've seen them in pet supply catalogs, too. Rowdy plays with sunbeams and I've thought about getting a laser for her, too.
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Spike also loves to play with the laser pointer... he knows the words "red dot". And will search the ground around him if I ask him if he wants it.
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Our cats have learned to recognize the sound of the laser pointer being picked up, and come running.

Max gets the most height in her jumps, for a little girl, she makes huge leaps into the air! The whole herd tramples through the house chasing the red dot, back and forth.

Get one and try it with youe cat(s), they will love it and you will laugh yourself silly watching them!
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my Roo runs in circles on the couch. the seat, the arm, the top, the arm, the seat, the arm, the top. Tigger chases it into the kitchen and attacks it on the fridge. If she really gets going, then she attacks with all fours! lol!
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We picked up our laser light at a flea market and 4 out of 5 cats love. I think Pepperpot can't even see it as she never even looks where the light is - maybe she is colour blind as she will chase the white light from a watch face.
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my cats LOVE those things!
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My friend's dog will "Poop On Command" becasue she loves that darn laser light so much, LOL!

Spot loves it, too. GoGo looks at it and then looks at me like, "Mom I'm not falling for this"

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My cats love them too...It is just pure free entertainment...I love it!
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