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Prince Is In Harness Training!!

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That's right, the lil boy is in harness training and doesn't seem to enjoy it as of yet, but he the outside so good, that I needed to try something, he is a door darter and has escaped several times!!

(Kitty was not harmed in any way)

Needless to say, I took the harness off of him after the last picture!! Hopefully, he will get better in time, can't wait until I can post pictures of him actually walking w/harness & leash!!
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Aww, bless him. It will be worth it if he gets to go for little walks though. I hope he get`s to like it. my friend used to take her cat out in a harness and as soon as she showed it to him he`d be waiting at the door to go!
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poor Prince! maybe blue is not his favorite color?
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Awww, cute lil' thing! So sweet! I'm sure he'll get used to it!
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goodluck!! I am currently in the process of harness training kismet
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Good luck! Sometimes it takes awhile for them to accept it. My kitties didn't like it at first, but they quickly cottoned on to the idea of going outside, so now the harnesses have a positive association.
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aww cuteee!
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Hi, Here is my Tuffy on a harness and leash, He liked to go camping so I tried the harness on him and he took to it right away, but then there wasn't much that would rattle him. Maybe you can show this picture to Prince to help him get the idea behind that blue thing.

To bad FIP had to take him from me.

I hope posting this picture on someone else's topic is OK with everyone.

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