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help!!!! i think she is in labor...

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but she wont stop moving! she keeps pacing, one was poking out, but it isnt anymore.... she just wont sit still! what should i do???
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try to calm her down and reasure her... if you think there is a problem do not hesitate to call your vet, thats what they are there for! good luck to you and her
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That's pretty normal. the kitten will crown and go back in. Just leave her alone. Make the room dark, make sure she has a quiet comfortable box to have her kittens in and just peak in on her until she delivers the kitten.
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thanks for answering. no kittens yet, but she is nice and calm. she also started licking the area alot. but she is now relaxing... i think our other cat being around was the problem.... they are separated now. i didnt notice any ctx, how long can this go on?
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It is definately a good idea to have her alone without any other cats and other distractions. You should be there but be quiet and try not to interferre too much as that could make her nervous.

How long ago did you see the kitten poking out? What part of it was poking out? Was it coming head first or tail first? Is she pushing at all?
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With my cats, there have been times when a small part of the kitten was showing for quite a few hours before the mom delivered it and the kitten was fine.
However, at looking at the time you first posted, it looks like it's been about 5hours since you fist seen the kitten crown? That's too long in IMO. I would call the vet asap. Especially if she's not contracting anymore. She may be too tired to push the kitten out now.
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see that is the thing, i didnt get a good look at it, so it may not have been the kitten, but it could have been more muocus, she is all yucky right now. i do know we never saw her contrating, and she still doesnt look like she is having any problems...
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What color is the discharge? Is it watery and greenish or brownish?
You could have been seeing the sack. Usually it looks like a brown bubble. There is an outer one that breaks and there is another that covers the kitten.

Does your cat have long fur or short fur? If she has long fur, you might not be able to see the contractions. If shes laying on her side, place your hand on her side and you can feel her tummy tighten with each contraction. Has she been pushing at all?
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the discharge is brownish... she is a medium hair...(if that makes sense) and i was feeling her tummy, and i didnt notice any ctx. or any movement either. no, she hasnt been pushing, she is pacing alot though. but she is being very affectionate, and cuddly.
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If she has brownish discharge then she is very close and I would be on kitten watch.

I am on kitten watch right now with one of my own cats. It's going to be a looooonnng night.
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