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more geese

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I really like these pictures too!
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Awesome pictures!!
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Very nice!
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I like those, they are so cool!
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I really like the first two shots. Very nice!
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You are so talented!
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What wonderful pictures--so clear & sharp, nice closeups! We live out in the country on an acreage with a large pond, and these same (Canadian) geese return every spring to nest on the willow tree-covered island in the midst of the pond. The female has been sitting on her nest for some time now, and I'm eagerly awaiting the hatching of the eggs--the little goslings are so cute.
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yep I like little gosings are right they are cute!
and thanks everyone
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aww, cool picture's!
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Nice photos! Seen some geese eating in the grass by the highway when I was coming home from shopping the other day.
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