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Which collar to get?

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Well everytime i get a collar for my cat they wear it for about a day and i let them outside and they come back and its gone...I am not sure which collar to get because the only ones i have tryed are the break away ones which seem to come off...

The cats dont mind wearing the collars they just dont seem to stay on very well...

any recommendations?
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I can't really recommend collars. Have you thought about getting your moggies chipped? If you get a collar that they can't remove themselves, it poses the risk of hurting them, esp. if they're going outside. For example, if a cat is climbing a tree and slips, a branch could catch the collar and hang the cat. How horrific
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I would continue with the breakaway collars, they're safest. Microchipping would be a good go, though.

It's such a relief for me knowing Hennessy is chipped, even though he's indoors only, if he did get out, he'd be more likely to come home.
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both of mine are microchipped, i guess i just like the way the collars looks more than anything
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maybe just put the collars on for special occasions or when the kitties are going to be inside... sorry i am not much help with that ... all of my kitties in the past have been indoor only!
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How often does your kitty go outside? I found with all my cats (all outdoor), that they do okay without collars. What type of nieghborhood are you in??

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mine are indoor only. they all have collars - Pixel doesn't wear hers - seems to cause problems when she's having a herpes flare-up. i got mine here: Ragtime collars. i really like all of the fabric choices!
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I got our cats collars from this site. They are really well made (she hand makes them), but not breakaway, At least they don't seem like it to me, the website says they are breakaway though I know a lot of people insist they be break away. Our cats don't try to take them off, so I just put their collars on very loose, and then can get them off if they have to. I know this because one of them was wandering around with the leash attached while we were getting ready to go out and the leash got stuck on the leg of the couch and he just pulled his collar over his head and walked off. They are indoor only cats, btw, but wear collars and tags still.
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^ I like that one. It's stretchy so they could still get out of it in an emergency but at least for me doesn't come off as easily in play than the breakables.
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I wouldn't get any collars that aren't break away. They just aren't safe.

We have "Safe Cat" collars and they work great for us, but they do come off if they get caught on anything.
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Thought I'd post since I also have collars from themodernpet... They are cute (argyle) and seem to be well made, but are pricey. Mine ARE definately break-away, as Niles has learned how to take his off and has done so numerous times... As a matter of fact, he has now hidden it so that I can't put it back on

I used to use the safe (safety?) cat collars from petsmart, but had a bad reaction once where the break-away clasp melted after coming in contact with advantage...Literally stuck to the skin...after that, I haven't used them. Maybe that's why Niles keeps taking his collar off...bad memories. *shrug*

I had tried these collars from (made out of climbing rope) they were great, but not break away. The seller now has break-away versions, so might be worth a look.

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Microchipping is no guarantee that you will ever know what has happened to your cat if it gets killed or injured outside - how many people are going to take a dead cat to a vet? And even if someone takes it in they might not check. A collar immediately states that your cat has an owner. So mine wear collars, but they keep losing the breakaway ones. I use the stretchy all-elastic ones that come off in a real emergency but don't break with play-fighting.
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Originally Posted by whiteforest View Post
I got our cats collars from this site. They are really well made (she hand makes them), but not breakaway, At least they don't seem like it to me, the website says they are breakaway though

I'd just like to correct myself and say that I gave the collars a tug last night and they are breakaway.
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Unfortunately we live in an apartment building and one of the rules of the pet addendum is that they must be collared. My bf and I went through 3 collars, until we found one that Crackerman can't get out of. The first 3 were breakaway collars, and he always broke it off himself after 5 min. The one we have now isn't a breakaway but he can't get out of it. We strictly keep him indoors and our apartment is hazard free when it comes to anything hanging that he could get caught on.
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My kitty is chipped and also has a quick release collar. We live in the country with loads of fields around us but I just want people to know that he has an owner from looking at him. He also has a little bell on it so that the birds know he's coming!
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