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Older kitten not eating

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My newest set of fosters are two girls and a boy. The boy is much smaller than the two girls. They guessed their age to be around 7 weeks old. but they are bigger than the 9 week olds that i just gave back, and their eyes still have a tinge of blue to them. so im really thrown off!

Anyways, the little boy does not seem to be eating. He has energy just like the other two and will drink water. He tries to get into the food, when i put it down, with his sisters. But he kind of gets pushed aside. they finish eating and walk away, they arent blocking him to it... but it seems like when they are done he loses interest in the food altogether.

Ive tried moving him and giving him food seperately, all he did was drink. He seems like he is sucking on fingers looking for milk, so i tried to smoosh up some of the kitten food and mix a little water with it, so he could lick it off my finger... he didnt want that and stopped licking/sucking my fingers. i tried to give him a drop of real maple syrup to get some sugar into him, like when they are younger and wont drink milk, but he wouldnt have any of that either.

I'm at a loss, hes a sweetie and plays, but hes so much smaller than his two sisters, and i have yet to see him actually eat since two days ago when i got them. Maybe i should set up a camera to see if he is eating?

ANY suggestions would be awesome!
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If he is gaining any weight, he's probably eating something. If he's losing, then you might have a problem. I'm not sure how you can get him to eat. My Cuddles is 6 weeks old and he's not eating like the other kittens. The others are moving on to solid food and all he wants to do is nurse. I've just been waiting to see what he does. Your kitten might well be younger than 9 weeks.
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I'm having the same problem with Pepsi. Batman and Prada are eating, but Pepsi has no interest. His weight seems to be okay though. Any suggestions, anyone?
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so FINNALY last night when the boyfriend came home (juno loves him) he started eating. But i noticed what might be the problem in him gaining any real weight. I think he has problem with his teeth. He can only pick up one kibble at a time and chews it for a really long time, durring which it makes a really weird grinding/nails on a chalkboard sound. And sometimes when hes not eating he gets "pug face" teeth coming out of his mouth... ill have to tell it to the vet when i bring them back.
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I wonder if the problem is with his teeth. Could the kittens be part Persian or another flat-faced breed? Sometimes they have tooth problems.
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Maybe canned kitten food would be easier for him. Or moisten some kitten kibble with KMR (kitten milk replacement). When babies are little, they need every calorie they can get!
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the kittens do all look like they have some flat faced in them... i want to say hymilan (spelling?)

but he seems to be eating fine now.... actually... a ton!
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Well, I'm glad he found his appetite!
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