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Definitely a cat person

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I love animals but sometimes I need to be by myself. My cats seem to know how I feel. They leave me alone. My doggy Jello does not. He gets more "clingy". Like "mom, you need comfort today? huh? huh? huh?" I shut him out of my room.
Now I am so ashamed. I gave him raw meat strips. He acted like nothing was the matter. I love that boy! I wish he was more like a cat though.
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I think one of the reasons I'm not a dog person is because they are just too demanding. Toby gets on my nerves when he demands attention which fortunately isn't too often.
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That's precisely why we're both cat people - our cats are demanding at times, but aren't they all?
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All my kitties and the dog all demand my attention one after the other, so it's not very often I'm on my own
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:o dont get me wrong i love my cats sooo much!
but baelee was my first pet too solely be mine and hes so dang cute!
he is clingy and loves hugs....... but he also knows when you need your time!
look at that face
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There is something to say about the phrase, " you dont train the animal the animal trains you".
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I am your opposite, I wish my cat were more like my dogs! My cat is very clingy and talkative and generally all over the place, no manners, and cannot be trained.
Be by yourself in a house full of animals? What does that mean...
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I love both cats and dogs. Although I am a dog person. I love the fact that my dogs are so needy and want to be around me all the time. My cats are like that sometimes too.
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I'm both a dog person and a cat person. But there are days when I prefer one over the other, depending on how they're acting on that particular day
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When I close the door on my cats, they dig a hole in the carpet trying to get and generally raise a very distracting ruckus.
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I prefer cats but like dogs, too, I'm just not able to have one in our "family" right now.
Of our 3 cats, Tucker can be needy sometimes, usually in the mornings when I'm waking up & don't even want to move, then he'll sit & just stare at me, it sometimes drives me crazy. Skyler usually sleeps & ignores us completely till he wants something. Mini seeks out attention sometimes but isn't really needy. Tucker & Mini do like to be in the same room as me most of the time..when I came in here to get some computer time, Tucker soon followed & laid down in his favorite crinkly paper bed.
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Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
When I close the door on my cats, they dig a hole in the carpet trying to get and generally raise a very distracting ruckus.
Mine too! They see a closed door as a personal insult, and will do whatever it takes to get in.
I'd like to get a dog one day, but I do worry about just how much constant attention they need.
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As I type this Grizzlie is sleeping by my feet and Bakker is sitting on the back of the sofa.
All the cats just like to be nearby at times!!

I like dogs too esp other peoples dogs like my neighbor's Newfoundland a mere boy at 135 pounds!!
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