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Cat Beds

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Did you go out and spend money on a cat bed and he won't even look at it? Just wondering if my Maddy will ever use his $30 bed
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yup. my grandmas yorkie loved it tho.

i discovered my cat preferred my $9 beanbag footstool to her expensive petbed *sigh*
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I spent £20 on a bed that can be a pyramid, a couch or just an ordinary bed and Ozzy loves it! I lined it with treats to encourage him that it was his and he could lie on it. OK he doesn't ALWAYS sleep there, but he frequents it quite often, especially as it's by the radiator.
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In my experience (which is limited - I must say!), my cats are constantly changing up their sleeping locations. We haven't got them specific cat beds, but it is good that you are providing him with options as to where to sleep!

My husband's family cats all eventually used their cat beds - but again, they had about ten different locations throughout the house where they liked to sleep. One of my good friends here in Cork, on the other hand, has a cat who will only sleep in his cat bed. He gets really upset if he slips off for the loo or some food to discover another one of their cats has slipped in!

Don't worry - I bet he will use it eventually.
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Riley sleeps in his little bed every night

He didn't use it at first, but once he got in it, he decided he likes it. The last few days I've had a new foster cat in the bedroom and put Riley's bed in the hall right outside the door and he still sleeps in it. He's so adorable
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mine use all of the items i've purchased for lounging/sleeping, etc. now, not everyone uses one, & those who do don't always use the same one, or use it all the time... but they all get used at sometime/on some days.
even the newest one - caught Java on it the other day!
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Haha, I've spent lots on several beds (cuz I can't pass up the cute factor of them)... I spent $35 on a lambswool snuggle ball from foster and smith and it took him 2 years to use it... now he's in it constantly! I think what finally got him in there was putting a bit of his most favorite brand of cat nip in it... Oliver switches up his sleeping spots though... like he'll sleep in his crate for naps for a couple months and then for the last few months he hasn't been in it... cats are weird lol
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post

even the newest one - caught Java on it the other day!
That's the snuggle ball that Oliver has, but his is lambswool! For the first 2 years he played in the box it came in and I thought I had invested in a $35 floor pillow for myself
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I have 2 leopard beds for Charlie. He used them at the show, but does not use them at home. One is under a table, other is in a corner. He'd rather sleep on the sofa or bed then his beds on the floor!

We got an enclosed portable show cage now, and he doesn't even want the beds in there - will just sleep on his leopard flat sack bed (doesn't look like a bed).

So I'm not buying any more beds no matter how cute they are. When we get Jack next year, maybe he will use the leopard beds at home
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I hope Maddox ends up using his bed. It's so cute
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Mine have several beds and all are used from time to time, the 2 on top of the wardrobe get used the most. At night they sleep in my bed
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lol, i purchased 2 beds for the kittens i am getting in 4 weeks and have no idea if they will actually use them... lol, but the beds are actually adorable and fit in with the rest of their kitty stuff i set up for them!
i think the bed is more for me than for them... lol
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I guess I was lucky. My cat uses what I bought.
I found a cat bed for $10.00 at dollar store
its a circle with sides, one side lower entrance- lambs wool cover.
Note: I showed her how to use it, I sat in it! She knows it's her bed.
She uses it every Sunday evening- weird, very rarely other days.
During the week she is mostly on the couch with me in the evening
till bedtime.
I have a cat tree that looks more like a bird bath in the 'cat room'-
spare bedroom- its her room.
It is lined with a very thick bath towel. That his her bed every night plus
during the day, it is in front of the window. She loved that the day
I bought it for her at the local cat show.
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I did that when I adopted Luna and the bed got instantly claimed by the Male cat of the house. Even after washing it and stuff, she still didn't even look at it. It was a covered "turtle" house and I don't think Luna likes covered things (she doesn't like covered litterboxes either). When I got her an open bed, she used that one. Also, sometimes it takes cats time to decide that they like it. Some don't want to seem to eager b/c it's "uncool" but yeah, if you put the bed in a place that your kitty likes/is comfortable then he's more likely to use it. =)
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