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I have a question,are Burmese cats Hybrid Siamese? I looked it up on the net,all sites said it was.Just wondering. Thanks Sherral
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Sherral, a hybrid is usually sterile. The fact that Burmese can be bred and that they produce more Burmese, would rule them out as hybrids.
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thank you. Do Burmese have Siamese gene's?
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I use to have a Burmese. The story I was told, is that in the early 1930's, a cat named 'Wong Mau' who had sable brown fur, was bred to a seal point siamese, named 'Tai', and the breeding program evolved from there.
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You are probably thinking about the Tonkinese, which was created by hybridizing Burmese and Siamese many years ago.

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Cathy G

I am not refering to the Tonkinese, I am refering to Burmese breed history. The original cat used in the Burmese breeding program (Wong Mau) was of undetermined breed. The owner (Dr. Joseph Thompson) could not find another cat with her coloring to breed her to, so with the help of some his geneticist colleagues, he planned and mated her to a seal piont siamese. She produced three types of kittens, those with siamese coloring, those with brown fur, and those with Tonkinese coloring. The brown kittens were the only ones used in the original Burmese breeding program.
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Hi! Actually I was referring to the original poster when I posted my note. The info you give is very informative - thanks
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Sorry Cathy G,

Didn't mean to sound miffed, I have had many a conversation about the Burmese breed with a friend of mine who swears that a Burmese is a long-haired siamese. Anyway, When I owned a Burmese, I was always having to 'explain' the breed to people. So I guess you could say I am over-sensitive. Sorry
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The Burmese is considered a Developed breed, meaning, that it is the same breed as it's sire and dam for X number of generations, usually 3 or more.

A hybrid breed indicates that the breed has the same breed sire and dam, but the generations previous to them can and may have certain other breeds reflected.

These are the definitionsa as far as the cat fancy is concerned... these definitions are used to determine registry, certify pedigrees and ability to show for championship.

So this really depends upon how many gens you go back and IF you have used other breeds to increase or decrease certain traits.

Hope this makes sense.
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Mishon - It's OK - I understand where you are coming from - Whenever I show my Oriental SH alter, spectators are always asking me if he is a Sphynx or a Rex (and he has a lot of straight, not curly, fur)!

Burmese are lovely - I was helping an exhibitor who was showing multiple cats at a show last year, and I fell in love with her just carrying her to and from the judging rings! Such a sweet personality and a beautiful rich color.

And Ken - thanks for that info on hybrids. I am learning a lot today!

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Cathy... who do show with.. I mean which association..
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For the past three years I have been showing in TICA. Got my start in CFA a number of years ago, but then my mentor moved over, and I sort of went too! Eventually, I hope to show both, as both associations have points that I like and I know people in both. For now, I am enjoying TICA's 12-ring format per show, although I have to travel more for TICA, as there aren't as many shows in my area (NJ). CFA on the other hand, has semi-local show (NY, NJ, CT, PA) almost every weekend!

I'm hopelessly addicted and in this for life!

Do you show your cats?
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May I suggest that you try out AACE. Most of our shows are in NJ a few in CT. We are a a very freindly group, have loads of fun and you'll never find a judge judging more than once in a weekend. We have 8 ring shows, 4 on sat and 4 on sun. You can check out their website here.

We used to show in TICA, and while we have alot of friends that do, we chose not to anymore because alot of things just didn't make sense to use and the politics were a bit unnerving.

We switched to AACE several years ago, and began to arduous task of trying to get Munchkins accepted for Championship, which we were able to do. Not long aftyer, (about a year), TICA finally did. At the present time I am a specialty judge for AACE.

Hope we can see you there!
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Wong Mau was a Tonkinese.

The Burmese is cb, the Siamese is cs, the Tonkinese is cb/cs.

A longhaired Siamese is called a Balinese.

The Burmese isn't a hybrid breed.

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