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Does your cat go "numb"?

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Recently, my Maddox will come up to me to pet him. He really loves for me to rub the base of his tail. First, I'll hold out my hand and he comes and rubs his head against my hand and move so that he rubs my hand down his back. Once I hit the base of his tail, he gets stiff as if he's paralyzed, and topples over onto his back with his feet in the air. He is is pure bliss The minute that I move my hand, we do it all over again. He would let me do it all night if I would. Does anyone else's cat do this?
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I will have to admit, that is the first time I have heard of a kitty doing that.
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chloe did when she was small now she likes for me to rub her belly and she grabs my hand and bites me. if i try to get away, she grabs my pantleg and pulls me back so we can start all over again
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My Dakota did that. At those moments I always said that he had "lost his bones".
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It's just the cutest thing to me. At first, I was paranoid thinking that I "hit a nerve" but the fact that he keeps coming back says that he loves it.
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Pearl will stretch out her neck and lick the air when I hit a certain spot at the base of her tail. If I put something in front of her tongue, she will lick it, too. It is a great way to give meds without a fight. She really loves it if I put my cheek next to her so she can lick my face.Silly girl.
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That sounds so cute,although none of my four cats do that
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Seldon does that. His eyes almost cross and he collapses. He loves it! We laugh every time he does it.
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And people wonder why we love our cats so much! How can you not?
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Originally Posted by rickyd View Post
That sounds so cute,although none of my four cats do that
yes they do!
beau gets all turned on!
isnt it supposed too be an erogneuos zone?
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