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Hello everyone, I need help and I need it fast. I need as many vibes as everyone can possibly give. This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I got some food to feed the stray cats that come by our house. I always do this in the morning before work. Well today, as I opened the door, Amber took off after one of the cats and I have not seen her since. This happened a little after 6am. When I got the food for the outdoor cats, Amber was nowhere in sight, but as soon as I opened the door, there she was and out she went. To make matters worse, the cat she went after had kittens about a week ago, they are under our neighbors house, but I can not find a way to get to them. She would go through a small hole just large enough for her to get into. (Amber can not fit into this hole) I am so angry right now, because the cat she chased is our neighbors cat and these people are a bunch of morons, who never let their cat in and of course, she is not spayed If they would keep their cats inside, I would not have this problem. I work so damn hard, to care for my exotics and all my cats and now this happens. Of course, this is not going to be treated the same way, as if this was a regular domestic cat that got loose. Fortunately, I do not live in the city, but this can turn out bad if people start reporting that some "wild cat" is loose in the area. We do have wild bobcats in this state, but they are rare. So please, I need all the Amber come home vibes that I can get.
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Oh dear

I'm sending all the vibes I can to get Amber back home!

I hope she arrives back soon
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Oh dear

I'm sending all the vibes I can to get Amber back home!

I hope she arrives back soon
Thank you I even have Boris outside in the enclosure, hoping Amber will see him and come back home to be with him. I am worried sick and had to take time off from work. (Not the way I wanted to enjoy a day off, believe me)
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Oh no!!!


I hope she see's Boris soon John
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Oh No!!!

Come home soon Amber
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Amber please come home!!!
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Sending HUGE prayers and vibes for Amber to come home, QUICK!!

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Sending mega vibes that Amber comes home quickly!!

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Oh no!
Sending lots of Come home safe and sound and Prayers Ambers way.
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Sending major vibes and prayers for Amber's quick and safe return home.
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I keep hoping this is just a very very bad dream....I wish it was. Amber you better get your furry butt home NOW!!
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Come home quick Amber!

Best of luck with this John. We're all pulling for you.
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Come home soon Amber!
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Please come home Amber!!!
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Oh John, what a terribly worrying thing to happen. Lots of vibes that Amber is soon home.
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PLEASE come home, Amber!!

Lots of vibes and prayers for her safe return.
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Lots of Come Home on their way!
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Come home Amber!!!! Mega {{{{{Come home now vibes}}}}}
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What a horrible day I can't even believe this has happened. I did spot her, under our neighbor's deck, but she would not come out. I eventually got her to come out, but she ran and now she is missing again. Why she will not head back to our yard, I just can not figure out. There is no sign of mom cat either. Makes me wonder why this did happen, was I not supposed to go to work today? Amber knows not to go out that door. I just hope she doesn't end up in someone's garage, shed or barn. That's all I need is for them to call animal control without me knowing. However, she is microchipped and if the state wildlife officer gets involved, he has my address, phone number and other information. However, I do not want this publicity. If someone spots her and calls the news or something stupid like that, I don't even want to think about it. Most people around me know I have these cats, so if they see her, I am sure they will let me know. I feel like such an idiot Another part that hurts, Boris was walking around here looking for her. It's bad enough he lost his pal TommyBoy, I don't know what he will do if Amber doesn't come home. Come home girl....please come home
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more & on the way - at least you've seen her!
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Amber, please, come home, your daddy and mummy and brother are worried about you!

Oh John, I do hope she comes back soon, or you find her and catch her without incident.
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John, my heart is in my throat so I can only imagine how you and Laurie are right now. I'll add my prayers to the others that Amber gets home safe and sound within the next few hours. We're all waiting for good news on Amber so please keep us posted.
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I was hoping there would be some news by the time i got home from work

Now that you've spotted her at your neighbours again i wonder if that's where she's going to hang out?. Remember what they say here when a cat goes missing?, go in the dead of night when it's quiet because she's got to get hungry soon.
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Amber, PLEASE come home!! Your daddy is very worried about you and your brother Boris is missing you terribly!
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I was hoping to see that she'd come home! Sending more vibes
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Amber please get yourself back home ASAP daddy wants you safe and well sending plenty of
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OHHHH no john!!!
this is awfull!
got forbid anything happens too amber sending vibes too you and the family ohh poor boris!

i wish i was closer id be on my way round too give you a hand!

it is odd she made a run for it though
she'll be back soon i now it
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Oh my gosh.
Come home now Amber.
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Sending lots of and prayers from Oliver, Rocky and me! Hope Amber comes home soon!
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Come on Amber, please come home!
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