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Arm & Hammer Litter, reduced quality?

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I've used A&H litter for many many years in our LitterMaid boxes, and recently it appears that the quality of this litter has gone way down. It does not seem to clump very well anymore and is just creating an absolute mess in the boxes.

Has anybody else noticed this change? Any recommendations on a better litter?
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Aww crud, I just bought a giant box of it! I really like Scoop Away but the dust was horrible, all my cats smelled dusty. I switched to Chicken feed/Arm and Hammer high performance but the boys dont like it and have hardly been using it so Im going to switch back to clay. Tidy Cats seems to be pretty good..
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I tried Army & Hammer Super Scoop for the first time in many years back in March and was VERY disappointed in it's performance as far as clumping and odor control. For the first time since I've had cats, I could walk in the door at the end of the day and smell the litterboxes. It was awful! Since I have four cats, I thought maybe the multi-cat formula would be better. Same results. It left the litterboxes a mess and still had very poor odor control. No more A&H for us.
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Abut a year ago, I switched because of A&H's excessive dust.

I now use World's Best Original...
it has dust, but nothing like A&H.
I never want to smell clay again.

Do a search in this thread using the search word litter or Arm & Hammer, etc.
You will see lots of threads about the litter issue that include feedback from members about which litter they prefer and why.

Welcome to TheCatSite.
Glad to have you with us.
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I like Scoop Away, it is a bit dusty, but man that stuff clumps like a rock! excellent odor control too, IMO
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I don't think I or my cats are ready for the switch to the corn dust and what not litters, so we're going to try either Scoop Away or Tidy Fresh.
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I use Scoop Away as well. What I love about it is how great it clumps. It can get dusty sometimes though.
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