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I am wracking my brain and I don't think I have bought anything this year beyond basics/necessities! not that I can afford to anyway That is seriously sad! My parents did buy me a new washer, dryer and stove though and i have to help pay it back next year so i guess that kinda counts no regrets at all on that! No more black marks on my clothes from my oil leaking washer
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Hrmn.... dunno! All my purchases are expensive!
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Most expensive.....I've been pretty good so far.

I'll have to go with, plants that I/Enzo killed.
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If you asked me a few days ago I would have said it was our 42" flat screen TV, but since I wrecked the car on Monday, I guess it will have to be that-it could cost me thousand of dollars to get it fixed-and yes definatly regreting this one!
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I haven't made any expensive purchases, other than Damita Mae. After her vet bills, I had little left to spend!
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my dyson vacuum in february
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My most expensive 'purchase' so far this year was getting my facet blocks done. I had to pay the $550 deductible up front, and now I wait for the rest of the bills to come. Absolutely worth it, so far! It's incredibly wonderful to go through a day pain free!!!
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my Pink Laptop...

...ahhh, & i sooo DO NOT regret it hehe!
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A tank of gasoline...
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Our new house! It's well worth the money!!!!
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Well I just bought two iPods a few days ago. That's right, I said two. I mean, what's up with that?
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Probably my excercise bike, which was only $60 (regular $600). I don't regret it. I haven't really bought anything expensive yet this year.

My boyfriend is currently in the process of making a big engagement ring. He has a couple more weeks of paying and then he has to propose and then I get to wear it. I definitely don't regret him buying that. I know about it though because we have a joint bank account and he wanted my opinion on what I like and I found a ring that I fell in love with in the process.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
A tank of gasoline...
Ain't that the truth!!

Now, I need to know, are we talking about what I bought for myself? Or what DH bought for "us". He got a car that "only needs a little work" for $200. He got a tractor mower that "only needs a little work" for $400. Now, these are for "us".

Granted, he did try to use the tractor ealier this week and said it didn't work too well so he had to go get the deck aligned. (honestly, if that is all that is wrong with it, it was a steal!). But then he walked up the road 100 yds and borrowed his mom's tractor to finish the yard.

The car was supposed to be bought for part for my car, they are the same make and model. Well, he tried to fix it (we got it for $200 because the repair guy said the motor blew up). Now, he wants to spend $600 to find out what is wrong. All I need replaced in my car are the tires, the air con unit reset (computer thing), and to have working automatic windows! The tires and the window things work on this car!! And, he wants to worry about the motor. Men.

Anyway (sorry....vented a little bit there), the most expensive thing I bought this year was probably a new comforter set for our bed. On sale for $49.99. But, I did splurge on summer shirts last weekend since JC Penny was having a sale and bought 5 shirts for around $59 (buy one, get one $0.88) and I still felt guilty about that.
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