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Thanks for the update! Some of this is sooooo confusing. One woman is on the airwaves right as I type this and is claiming that we are heading for World War 3. That this is now turning into a religious war???? huh? They are asking her to clarify her statements (she is in Baghdad) and she hasn't. All she said is that 'they' are meeting right now....whoever 'they' may be.

(*sigh* I am going to wait until I get home and watch the news. This is a call in radio station and everyone here is saying something different...)
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According to Fox News, the helicopter that went down contained 4 US Marines, and 12 British Commandos. No surviviors. We are waiting to hear if they were any of "our" Marines from Camp Lejuene or New River. There have been helicopters all over the place here today. 2 Medical convoys went through town yesterday, heading for deployment. TV is scary enough, but seeing all the tanks and equipment, really brings it home that these are the same kids I deal with every day. I cannot imagine how Anne must feel.
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
Anyone else hear this: radio announcement....they think that Saddam has been hit/injured. To what extent, not sure but just want to know if anyone else knows anything more....
I was listening to a military offical talk this morning. He was mentioning how they are doing things differently than the Gulf War. Back then, they announced many actions as they came up without necessarily having full knowledge if things were true or not. They were trying to keep the media in the know.

Now, they don't want to make any real statement concerning Saddam because they do not have the solid proof that he is injured or dead. If the Pentagon state anything now, they want to make sure of the facts. That is why the Pentagon has not made an official statement. They are being more careful with what they release this time around.

Another fact that they were talking about were the oil fires. Right now 7 are on fire, during the Gulf War close to 600 were burning.
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