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According to MSNBC and NBC, the Iraqis have not fired SCUD missiles, and the last I heard, there is a possibility that Hussein has been wounded.
Saddam might not be worried about the citizens of Iraq, but I am. I am praying for all innocents, including the young soldiers on both sides who believe in what their countries are doing, and have put their lives on the line.
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Just heard a report that they have set fire to at least some of the southern oil fields. Yet another thing Saddam said they wouldn't do....
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katl8e posted:
Without a white flag, they're a fair target.
All else fails wave the underwear!
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Originally posted by kimward34
All else fails wave the underwear!
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Live from Foxnews...

Look who's supporting the US now....

Those countries include: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Britain, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

That was a total cut-n-paste job...hope I got it right. Plus Ari Fletcher said it live....
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Faced with all of that firepower, the Iraqi underwear is probably BROWN, not white!
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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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We're bombing again. Much bigger than last night. The Marines are in Iraq now, too.
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I'm really pressed for time - just came back from a cat behavior consultation and I still need to get a couple of things ready for tomorrow for the cat behavior course.

Unless, God forbid, Scuds hit Israel tonight, we plan to have a regular class tomorrow. Well, as regular as we can. I talked to the CWSI people today and they are already feeling the war. People are beginning to evacuate the main cities and they are bringing in their cats to the shelter (which also has a boarding facility). They are expecting dozens more cats tomorrow so they are all hard at work setting up more appropriate cages and enclosures for the newcomers. On top of that, most people didn't send their kids to school today so the workers brought their kids with them - can you imagine the mayhem... :tounge2:

The CWSI people are also starting to go out and feed feral colonies that their caretakers left Tel Aviv (for those caretakers who pre-arranged for them do so). My heart goes out to all the poor kitties that will still get abandones during the current crisis and the ferals that the CWSI won't reach The CWSI is streched to the limit now... If you can help by forwarding this URL to your cat loving friends - we'd appreciate it. Sorry about bending the forum rules a bit here - I know I shouldn't be soliciting for donations - but this is part of my personal war effort.


This is the URL to visit and forward. Thank you!
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Anne stay safe, words elude me right now, but prayers are flying for all concerned with this human and animal...
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Anna, Thanks.. I ll do that to forward it to my co workers who are cat lovers. I pray you are in a safe area as well as others.
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Don't compromise your own safety, Anne. As much as we love the kitties, your family is more important.
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Thank you everyone! Please don't worry - we will avoid Tel Aviv tomorrow and for the next few days. Most of the rest of the country should be relatively safe.

I won't be joining the teams from the CWSI that are going to Tel Aviv to feed the ferals. I will be teaching the course at the CWSI shelter itself which is half an hour a drive away from Tel Aviv.
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New unconfirmed reports out of France state that 2 viles of the toxin Ricin was found in a locker at a railway station.

Ricin, a powder produced from the seeds and pods of the castor bean plant, may be inhaled, ingested or injected. There is no known antidote. It's an untraceable poison that is twice as deadly as cobra venom.

In very small doses, it causes the human digestive tract to convulse –hence the laxative effect of castor oil. But in larger doses ricin causes diarrhea so severe that victims can die of shock, as a result of massive fluid and electrolyte loss.
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Anne, stay as safe as possible. So many people and cats need you.

God bless us all. Especially all of the troops, the Israelis, the Kurds and the Iraqis.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
The news conferance has stated that in the next 12 hours the US will use full military action to oust Saddam. The description stated that there will be 'shock and awe' during this time.
While I was at work today I heard little bits and pieces of information from the various TVs in the resident's rooms. One of the things I heard was when one of the commetators(sp?) said something like if you have to ask if what you've seen was "shock and awe" then you haven't seen it.
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The first Allied casualties of the war are now being reported. A Marine helicopter went down in Kuwait, with 16 on board. Reports are that there were British troops in the chopper as well. 7 are confirmed dead but it may be all on board.
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I just heard on MSNBC that initial reports are that there are no survivors.
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It has been confirmed on CNN that all 16 are dead.

12 Americans & 4 British

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According to MSNBC, the BBC has reported that 12 of the dead are American and 4 are British.
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On MSNBC they have information from the Pentagon that Saddam was in the bunker that was attacked last night. They still don't know if Saddam has been killed.
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I'm hearing that Iraqi soldiers are surrendering, by the hundreds. A whole division, in the south came marching in, hands in the air.
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Saw the surrendering on the news.......wow.....
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The first combat casualty has been reported, a Marine. They are facing the first real opposition but have secured a lot of ground overnight.
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All things considered, the casualty rates are pretty low, on both sides.

Most of the Iraqi army are unwilling conscripts, ill-trained and -equipped and poorly fed. Napoleon was right, when he said, "An army fights on its stomach." These guys know, from the last war, that we will feed and clothe them and get them the necessary medical care.

There are a lot of Iraqi refugees, here who were forced to fight, in the last war. They fled because of repercussions of surrendering. I'm happy to say that they all have jobs, some of them own their own businesses and all of them support us.
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Anyone else hear this: radio announcement....they think that Saddam has been hit/injured. To what extent, not sure but just want to know if anyone else knows anything more....
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They have speculated this from the beginning. That first massive bombing they did was based on intelligence that Saddam and his sons were in that location. They say that after these bombs hit, the chatter on the official channels eerily died out. Some are saying that if Saddam were alive, he would be all over the airwaves, as it is not his style to hide no matter what. Others are saying that if both his sons were killed, it would of been like having his heart ripped out and worse than death and he would unleash a fury like no other. That is what I have heard about it, and as the days go on it seems like the thinking is stronger that he is either dead or wounded.
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thanks for clearing that up Hissy, I was starting to wonder....they did say that they believe that the speech he did was prerecorded - any updates on that?
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I'm watching MSNBC and they haven't said anything. They keep running a crawl, that say CNN has been kicked out of Baghdad but CNN isn't saying anything about it.

All of the southern oilfields have been secured and, when Americans and British troops liberated one city and tore down the posters of Saddam, the local people cheered.

The oil depot on the Gulf is in our hands, too. Remember, in 1991, Saddam opened the taps and sent a huge oil slick down the Persian Gulf.

Australian Special Ops are on the ground, too. At least, we have SOME standup allies.
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