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Small Rant!

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Ted"s mom is at it again!She talked a nurse into calling us today,saying she really need to see him,She was crying and carring on,we rush down [30 minute drive] all she wanted was to tell him her back hurt! She won't tell the nurse what she needed to see him for[do not blame the nurse],or that her back hurt,we have ask the nurse's to not to let her call us inless it is a major er.We can not run down there everytime she calls.Nurse's staff agrees with us,if she thinks we will run everytime she call's, we will never have any peace! Ted was pee oed!He had a class to go to and was late getting there,because of her. If the dr. had told her some bad new's it would have been one thing,but not this story,and Ted goes down to see her every Sunday,never fails!
Thanks for listering!!!
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Sorry MIL is giving you two a hard time I guess she is just bored. Is she alone in the room or does she have other patients that may keep her company?
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Sounds like she's being manipulative to get what she wants. There are a few elderly people like that at my work. They ask me to call their families and tell them to get down here fast because mom is depressed or whatever, and of course we don't do that. It's attention getting and does not get validated by us. I'm surprised these nurses did that. Now they will know and you can be sure that won't happen again.

I'm sorry it happened, but sometimes it's hard to deny someone who seems so obviously in distress (if you don't know them).
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Oh no.. I am so sorry. I know what you mean about the elder one is the hardest thing to do. I sometimes let it go but sometimes it drives me nuts.. I don't know how to handle it like you did.. i hope you ll find a way to talk it out with her about how you feel about it.
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awww i'm sorry
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